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Chakra Wellness: A Holistic Guide for Transformation

I AM Yoga Nidra Meditation Workshop

Integrative Health Coaching + Restorative Reiki

“The first session with Cassandra changed my life. She introduces you to yourself and if you are willing, guides you to your inner wisdom, your own personal prescription, healing and clarity.”
– RS


Uncover where you feel stuck to create forward movement in healing, health and wellness.


I am passionate about empowering and supporting people with their desire for vibrant health and happiness.  I weave my passion and specialty in Holistic Health, Integrative Wellness and Energy, Mind-Body Medicine to support your intentions and creations for your life.

Before you dive in further, learn more about me and my story on how I became passionate about holistic health and the healing arts.

Wellness Apothecary & Media

Supplements, essential oils and cellular healing tools to enhance your health.

Poetry, meditations and more to take you on a journey of awakening.


What Are You Carrying?

You have heard the expression, “He/She has a lot of baggage?” We all have energetic baggage whether we realize it or not, most of it…

A Surprise Visitor

November 1st honors of the Day of the Dead, our beloved ancestors that have passed on. Since I was little I have been extremely connected…

Breast Cancer & Healing Awareness

October tends to bring awareness to many health concerns and issues we face as a human family. The good news I am here to share…

“Cassandra brings a healing practice that is broad in it’s modalities and deep in awareness and groundedness. She taps into the a deep connection with All that Is and provides space for one to come into alignment.”
– Jim W.