How is your Qi?

Qigong means “Energy Work”. A part of traditional Chinese medicine qigong is a moving meditation that synchronizes breath, movement, and awareness to stimulate the “qi” (pronounced chee) or life force energy.

Qigong, which dates back thousands of years, is a series of exercises, that works not only the muscles, but reduces stress, and relieves high blood pressure, by massaging, cleansing, re-energizing, balancing, and harmonizing the internal organs. Research in both China and the U.S. suggests that qigong may be beneficial for a wide variety of ailments including Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and much more.

My own daily practice of qigong began more than twenty years ago as part of my martial arts training. In order to test my abilities to control the movement of qi energy to various parts of my body, my Sifu (teacher) would have me take off my shirt and lie on a bed of sharp nails. He would stack 30 lbs. of thick concrete tiles on my chest and smash them with a sledgehammer. Because I was able to send qi to my chest and back I was able to make my body resistant to impact and penetration. While this is so called ‘hard qigong’ is an amazing skill to have it has limited applications in daily life, so I began exploring ways to use my ability to move qi as an energy healer.

I have since become certified as a master teacher. The first thing I teach my students weather they come to me to learn energy healing, or qigong is the ‘meridian washes’, a short sequence of movements that clears all the meridians and the chakras of dense energy. This also recharges the practitioner, which is important because qigong energy healing requires that they channel not only universal healing energy, but also their own personal healing energy into the body of another person.


Early Taoists were the first to practice qigong as a spiritual discipline bringing them into harmony with nature.


It has been my own experience that my most profound results in healing have always occurred when I’ve connected to the various elements of nature around me. The sun, moon and stars each have a distinct feel to their energy, as do the earth, trees, rocks, and water. All of these can be accessed for healing.


Each month I do qigong under the light of the full moon and swallow moonbeams to replenish my Yin energy. I teach a workshop on how to connect to the energy of trees.  But it wasn’t until one winter day that I utilized this skill in my healing work.

I was doing a hands-on healing session with a client who was having a flair-up of gout. There was a great deal of heat around his swollen knees and I did what I could to reduce that and absorb the dampness. I typically keep my eyes closed when I do this work because it removes any visual stimulus that might distract me from complete focus on the energy. But on this particular day I gazed across the table, out the wall-length bay window that overlooked the small stand of white birches whose roots were wrapped in a blanket of snow.

I felt compelled to extend my energy and connect with the trees in this grove.
The moment the thought entered my mind everything went white, misty, like a fog had moved in suddenly or the wind had kicked up a spray of snow. I thought my eyes had gone blurry, when I realized what I was seeing was the energy of the trees moving like a transparent veil from the grove towards the window. I must admit to a moment of trepidation when the white mist passed through the glass of the window, into the room and settled down gently like a sheer shroud over my client. I felt a subtle shift in temperature and a light tingle as it fell upon my hands.

I continued sending energy to my client just as I normally would have. When I withdrew my hands for the last time, as if sensing that the exchange was complete, that the vessel was filled to the brim with rich translucent liquid light, the veil lifted and the mist went back out the window and disappeared.

When I got home I was curious and looked up the specific healing properties of white birch trees only to discover that birch trees help clear heat and dampness from the body and help to detoxify it. Of all the trees that could have been there, birches were the perfect partners for healing this specific client’s ailment and they made sure I knew it.
On another occasion I accessed the flow of Water Healing.

I was on a hike with my son when he began to complain of both a stomachache and an inability to breathe due to sinus congestion. Perhaps it was because we were walking beside a stream at the time, but it occurred to me that if things were “flowing” he would not be in such distress. We stood there on the bank of the stream watching the occasional autumn leaf working its way around and over the moss covered rocks, carried by the splashing water.

Utilizing circular arm movements, resembling a swirling vortex, a whirlpool if you will, I gathered the energy of the white foamy water from the cascade upstream and brought that energetic flow through my hands and into both my son’s stomach and his head. Within moments he expressed a remarkable improvement, the pain in his gut had literally been washed away and his nose began to run profusely relieving the sinus pressure he felt in his face. To me this was yet another validation that the energy of Mother Nature provides all we need to heal ourselves and each other if we only open our eyes to see and ears to hear her message.

While my healings utilizing the power of nature’s energy may seem impressive they are mere baby steps in the direction of the miraculous feats that some other qigong masters have been able to accomplish. For instance John Chang as well as being an amazing healer who can jolt his patients with electric shocks of his qi, also has the skill of pyrokinesis. He is he is able to generate enough heat with his qi that he can set newspaper on fire.
Another group of three qigong healers in a Chinese hospital have, through the power of their qi and by reciting a single word, been able to shrink a cancerous tumor on a patient’s bladder as we watch their progress in actual time on a sonogram monitor. There are also countless cases of people curing themselves of cancer and other diseases through their own practice of Qigong. If these claims sound fantastic or too miraculous to be true I encourage you to watch the videos on Youtube and judge for yourself.

Mark Gerardi is the founder of the Cornerstone Energy Healing Certification Program. This year-long program is the result of his 20 years of experience working with energy as a teacher, a healer and an artist. Specializing in the removal of pain, Mark combines Reiki, Medical Qigong, Acupressure, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing and Shamanic Healing techniques in his private healing practice. Having a very strong connection to the energies of nature since his teens, Mark led wilderness canoe and camping trips in Northern Maine for a number of years. Now he offers classes on how to connect with the energy of trees, water and stones for healing.  To learn more about Mark and the services he offers visit his Facebook page Luminous and Healthy or his website

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