Walking through the Shadow

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ― Dan Millman Way of the Peaceful Warrior A Book That Changes Lives

A friend and teacher, Bruce Lyon reminds me all the time, “Life is a fucking fight!”  Because we have been experiencing generations of pain and suffering that has not been able to be released. We carry this baggage on for generations until the moment when a person connects with the deepest parts of them and realizes they have a choice.  This is one of our powers. As evolving souls we are now together walking though the shadow of the valley of death. While is may not look like the old ways are dying, they are.

We must now meet our maker, ourselves.

The shadow has come up on the world stage for us to reflect on our own shadow aspects that are either up for judgement or forgiveness. They are being reviewed to be transformed so that we can shift the state of consciousness in our inner and outer worlds.

What in the world does psychology have to do with it? Well, the root meaning of psyche in Greek is soul.

“Life has issued us an invitation to step into the wholeness of being, to live soul to soul, rather than role to role. The invitation is engraved in our hearts; all we have to do is listen.” – Tammy LaDrew

Together we must take responsibility for what we have created in fear. We have been focused on our pain and not our freedom from it. We have been living as victims of circumstance instead of the powerful architects of creation. Right now is a powerful invitation of co-creation while we walk through the shadows of our collective creation.

Seasons cycle and history repeats itself. Karma is a wheel that keeps spinning in various cycles until you remember that you have a choice. The majority must wake up from their slumber and take responsibility for the energy that they bring into this space and time. Everything is happening for us and when we can see the messages and symbolism it can guide us.

Our job is not to bitch, complain and blame; our job is to look in the mirror and see with new eyes. One of the greatest gifts is to see ourselves, and to see ourselves in others. We are our greatest teachers if we will pay attention. This life is an experiential gift of transformation for our eternal spirit.

To understand the power we hold within and  not let the illusion of the outer world hold us hostage is a start. There are so many teachings and messages that go back to the beginning of existence. The old sages and mystics expressing the same message in various languages and stories.

It is time for us to fuel our faith in humanity and focus on what we want to see in this world, what we want to create and who we want to be. We do need to see our shadow, this is a precious gift in a gnarly package that we can use for the greatest transformation of our  lifetime.

The only hope for humankind is in the transformation of the individual.

If you are aligned with the love and truth in your heart, amplify that in all that you do and all that you are. Yes, we are witnessing scary times. Do not be afraid or loose your faith. As cliche as this all may sound, it is darkest before the dawn. There is an ancient dream that so many of us hold in our hearts. Hold that vision now. It’s a world we know to be filled with love, joy, unity and bliss.  It is here, it’s fighting to be seen.

Now more than ever, I cannot stress enough, focus your energy and your awareness on the goodness and love in this world, even in the devastation and chaos. It is love that will bring us through. The love for ourselves, for others and our planet, our heaven on earth is yearning to come back.

It’s easy to loose faith when we see so much horror, however, its the horror and pain inside each one of us we need to remedy. Our response  and reactions can feed the fear or fuel the faith.

We have been gifted free will.

It’s our choice.

Energy follows awareness.

Be the Change.


In Love + Support,


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