Gift of the Pine Tree

From the book Healing Secrets of the Native Americans by Porter Shimer

Pine (Pinus)

For Americans today, the pine tree is seen mainly as a symbol of Christmas cheer – but pine was one the the Native Americans’ most important medicines. They made chewing gum from pine resin, which they found soothing for sore throats. Pine needles were crushed and made into a paste for an aromatic headache  poultice. The bark was also used as a poultice for such things as wounds, burns, ulcers, and hemorrhoids. Salves made from pine resin were used to treat sore muscles and joints, and pine tea was a popular remedy for colds, coughs and upper respiratory congestion. In some cases, the needles were ignited because Native Americans believed that breathing pine fumes could relive back ache.

Herbalists continue to recommend pine remedies often for treating upper respiratory problems. Teas made from dried needles  may be useful for easing arthritis and pine paths may help reduce skin irritation as well as anxiety.

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