Return to Eden

The world is changing, energies shifting, hearts opening, minds evolving, bodies integrating, and grounding into this new phase of existence. Some are experiencing it more strongly than others. We are seeing these changes in various areas and systems. We, live in and on a live organism. We are the white/light cells organizing and restructuring so to speak to create a better world.

How things are created is an endless debate, but this earth was created for us to be free, to live, love and thrive. Not to destroy.

We must look at ourselves, our family, our community, our businesses, our governments. Are they supporting this restoration for the people, the plants, the trees, the bees, the soil, the spirit? We have fallen into a deadly trap of lies and by listening to our hearts and doing what is right for all of humanity we can turn things around. We are here to retrofit and restore ourselves and this planet back to it’s natural state. This is a planet of harmony, love, beauty and bliss. A place of abundance for all — yet we are trapped in a cycle of not enough, stress, destruction, over consumption greed and disease.

This is not how the story ends.

It may seem overwhelming or powerless, but the truth is, we are much more powerful when we love and make choices from the heart. Co-create a new existence. This may sound simplistic and out of your realm—but we start with our individual intention and attention, our heartfelt action and devotion that all living creatures that walk this land, all races, all creeds all genders be free. This is our free will. Open minds, open hearts, open boarders to let life flow in this existence. We have everything we need to utilize for all not capitalize for few. We’ve come along way since cavemen, we have further to go.

Prayer: may all hearts know they are free, may we all set loving intention to co-create a loving peaceful planet. May we heal and let go of the past to create a new. May we be willing to see, to hear, may we be of service an be willing to receive assistance.

I have seen it. We’ve been here before. We have a choice. I hope you join me in holding this vision. Return to Eden.

Together, We Rise. We dawn a new day.

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