The Body of Magical Incantations

I surrender to the flow of life

I replace impatience with tolerance

I live a meaningful life through the heart

I am self referring for approval

I realize my infinite potential

My being is my sustenance

Each moment I am becoming a greater expression of the perfection of my being

I trust in my growing perception and wisdom

I dedicate my life in service to Gaia

May my work enhance all life

My path with heart brings a flow of abundance to me

My home reflects beauty, love and grace

I reflect love and goodness by living my highest truth

I express the love I feel for myself and others

I pull in a compatible romantic partner

I am free to express mySelf without restrictions

I have love and compassion for all beings

I live in eternal time

All illusion of disease is remove from every child

I live in peace and grace

I release all fears

I live with an open heart trusting the perfection of life

I replace low self esteem with visions of my infinite worth

I speak fluently

I sing beautifully

I create success confidently

I remove the illusion of disease from all

I teach a path of light

My body beautifully reflects its perfection

I integrate the material and spiritual realities

I am able to clearly hear and see the spiritual realms

I speak my wisdom and truth freely

My life is filled with joy, courage and self confidence

I am free to create my life

My needs are met effortlessly

My life is balanced in all ways

*Adapted from the book Opening the Doors of Heaven by Almine