Sailor and the Sea

You dear soul, are a traveler in your dream.

Sailing where the wind blows

with no known destination.

The Sun rises.

The Sun sets.

The Moon cycles

At times she illuminates your darkness or

Offers you a pitch black night.

In the darkness you search for direction.

You feel lost and alone.

You are the only Pirate left on the ship

Awaiting to discover the treasure beneath the sea.

You may want to give up.

You may want to outside for some shift in the sails

To take to you to calmer seas.

But Dear Sailor…

You are the Sea.

Dive into the abyss to seek the treasure that’s been hidden in plain sight.

You are the traveler, the dreamer, the sailor, the pirate.

You are the Sun and the Moon and the Stars.

You are the currents the tides and the waves.

You are the buried treasure.

You are the lock.

You are the key.

You are the sailor.

You are the sea.