A Wake Up Call.

Energy update for the collective. Listen Here.

We give storms names. They become conscious beings, because they are energy in motion – just like us. I would like to offer a suggestion. Irma a feminine name. She wants to be seen and heard. Hold her. Hold Irma as if you are holding yourself – because this is in effect what you are doing. Close your eyes and feel the waves and calm them with your breath (you are the wind). Love her/you and listen. This is a birthing of a new you – in full awareness of your connection with all that is and the power of love.

She shifted to the west. If we look at Florida’s land mass as a body, she is rising from the south — out root, our foundation. She headed east (our feminine side) and headed west (our masculine side). I see this as a healing for the masculine aspect in us all. I have been feeling this for months. Be present in your masculine (your body) as you hold space for the feminine nature (energy in motion).

Nature speaks so that we can become in tune and align with her, with oursleves. This is a planetary attunement. Tune in.

Sit on the earth as you practice this.

Let us witness.

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