You Are Worthy + Full Moon Communion

“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.”― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I  woke up in the middle of the night with something that has been bugging me since 2nd grade. I was all dressed up for “Communion” and then told I was not worthy. That is really confusing. Over the years I have felt that the ritual and ceremony of holy communion is not fully aligned in the truth of what Yeshua was teaching because of the wording. I was conditioned at an early age by this ritual that I AM NOT WORTHY.

Really? That’s not what He said.

What an incredible spell and crock of shit to keep people and souls imprisoned to a life of suffering. Yeshua was teaching was about communion with Spirit, Universal Consciousness, a pathway for your personal liberation, empowerment, redemption and resurrection, in this life! It had nothing to do with the CHURCH. It’s was a about understanding and awareness of who you are and what you are capable of.

One thing Buddha taught me is to be mindful of thoughts and words so I take this lesson in relation to what is being fed to the masses. As many of us know the teachings have been entangled and augmented into this “Book”. Words have energy and create our reality. I remember my young self, feeling the truths and the lies fed in the book and now she wants to speak. I am grateful to my mother for being a spiritual rebel warrior. She offered me freedom to explore other religions, practices and philosophies in my spiritual exploration so that I could find the universal themes and union in them all, also to see what was empowering and what was disempowering.

Ceremony and Ritual, like Holy Communion is a powerful practice because you are invoking energy and intention through thought, word and action. It is seeded in the quantum field and manifests into form, especially if it’s a constant practice and focus of attention and energy — this is what Einstein taught me. I am here as a rebel to suggest those that participate in Catholic or Christian ritual to change the wording for yourself and see what shifts for you. Several years ago the Catholics changed the wording of the mass based on Latin translation, I am here to change the wording again for everyone.

GASP! Why? Because this has been a coding in the collective for thousands of years and yet the intention of the true ceremony has not integrated into the hearts, minds and souls because the wording is still limited. I dare you to say something different. Because the ritual thousands have been using for thousands of years IS NOT WORKING.

Currently many say,” Lord I am not worthy to receive you. Only say the word and I shall be healed.” The wording cancels out the intention of the healing and consciousness of the power you hold within.

You do not have to belong to a church to utilize this ritual/ceremony. You can make this part of your practice, if you wish, because it’s about your personal communion with Spirit or whatever you choose to call the universal energy of life that lives in all of nature — The Garden of Eden as described in the big book of stories. This is what the ancients call Tantra yoga. The union of Spirit and Matter.

And don’t worry, if you feel like you need a Priest, I am a Priestess and an Interfaith Minister, and I have gone through all of the sacraments if that makes you feel better.

You can create your own communion ritual using the elements of nature. This is for those who have an internal drive to enter into an adventure of consciousness.

Earth – your body and other elements of nature, I like roses or magnolia leaves or flowers. Anything from nature that calls you.
Wind – Your breath
Water – The holy waters within you (our bodies are 70%+ water)
Fire – a candle

You will need two cups and one filled with spring water.

You will light your candle and say these words:

“Spirit of all life, be my witness here. I am worthy to receive. I say the words and I am healed in my mind, my body, and my Spirit is renewed.
For the sake of my own elevation and the elevation of all life, I shall strive to be harmless to myself and all others.”

*hold the glass of water in your right hand and pour the water into the glass in your left hand*

“By the pouring of this water, I signify the transfer of my sacred waters of life, from the mundane to the sacred. Spirit of all life be my witness here.

Amen. Ashe, Aho.
So it is.”

I would suggested doing this on the full moon, because this is when our collective moon shifts the internal and external tides.

More to come.