40 Day Energy Experiment

The purpose of this experience  is to inspire focus and clarity on something you wish to change, shift or create. We are working with universal laws as well as the quantum field of creation.

Many have heard that energy follows awareness. We get so busy in our lives and have been programmed to do many things at once, yet when that happens the creative life force is dispersed and takes longer to create what you desire and we end up in a loop of either never getting things done that we wish to create or it takes longer.

The message is one thing, one step at a time. The more we focus on one area, other areas will also systematically shift. If we look at it from a tantric/energetic perspective, we need to begin with a foundation. The foundation of creation is intention, word, thought that is the seed that creates.

I will help you craft a personal mantra and affirmation and the rest is up to you.


Join the experiment.