The Sacred Marriage Within

The Sacred Marriage Within – A Tantric Path to Wholeness 

Coming Soon to Washington, DC

A two-day intensive healing retreat co-facilitated by Cassandra Bellarei and Lisa Adams.

We all have with us the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. We also carry the intrinsic wounds of the Masculine and Feminine.

To achieve wholeness, it’s important to identify the wounds of both and how they show up inside you. Crucial to that process is entering into a healthy dialogue within between your Feminine and Masculine aspects.

In so doing, you begin to heal your relationship to yourself, as well as your relationships with all aspects of yin/yang, female/male, anima/animus, dark/light, mother/father, etc.

You will be guided through an intense exploration of these themes and aspects within the chakra energy centers, so that reconciliation may occur between the God and Goddess within you.

This is a deeply introspective, experiential retreat that will shift your understanding of yourself and therefore all other aspects of your life.

Deep dive into understanding and healing, followed by a full moon Sacred Marriage Ritual where you will make your sacred vows, marrying these paradoxical elements into loving, supportive partnership.

Here’s a list to help you know what to bring and how to prepare:

*Eat lightly and only whole foods for as many days as possible beforehand.
*Drink lots of water and bring a lot of water with you for the day.
*Dress comfortably and bring your finest ritual wear for the evening ritual of Sacred Marriage.
*Bring a yoga mat and/or pillow/cushion to sit and lie on.
*Bring a journal and pen – or colored pens to write with.
*Bring healthy, “high vibe” food to share for the potluck.
*Bring crystals, aromatherapy, and other holistic creature comforts that you find supportive.
*Bring something to place on the Sacred Marriage Altar.
*Bring drums and/or other musical instruments.
*Bring along something you’d like to use as a symbol of your sacred vows.