Full Moon + Eclipse Preparation

We are clearing out on all levels as we prepare for this full moon eclipse gateway. We are not bringing any baggage with us as we prepare for a collective quantum leap. I mentioned yesterday that I spontaneously was pre-spring cleaning — everything, clothes, drawers, files, closets, kitchen, bathroom. My tiny storage unit only has a mirror and a shovel left in it. That’s only on a practical 3D level. 
On other levels we are also clearing out mentally, emotionally, physically and relationally. Some people may be leaving or have left your life or maybe you are let go of some relationships that were not aligned. It does not mean you don’t love them or they don’t love you, it simply means that you are now focused on you, not in a selfish way, but in a authentic way that comes from self love. Love them, thank them (in your heart or in person) as folks all serve a purpose in each others lives, even if it is unpleasant.
And then there is dream space. Have you had crazy dreams and waking up in the middle of the night? Well, there is some subconscious clearing happening as well. Some neuro-pathways are clearing out the old as well. Can a lady get some rest, please?! It’s interesting to take note if you can to see what memories or stories-programs are now ready to be erased or override with a new story or program, one that we consciously create, not based on trauma and suffering.
We have others that are physically ill, knocked out. I have some dear friends that are under the grips of what some of us call the spiritual flu, others hospitalized and contemplating death. When we are not experiencing a vibrancy of being then something is not in alignment and manifests in the physical. If energy/love/information is flowing then we are in balance. If something blocks that flow that we experience dis-ease of some sort. If we are experiencing this disharmony of our life force, then it’s time to take some personal inventory, self care, and love and get back on track.
Old ways of being and relating to this world and others are dying and we may be experiencing it in many ways. It can be scary, but don’t give up. We are here to create something new for ourselves and the world, for our planet. You are not alone.
You are the lock and you are the key.
This is preflight prep.
Get ready to fly with your feet on the ground.

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