Small Changes. Big Impact


Last month I went to get my blood work done as part of the wellness program at my work. You may remember I shared that my blood work was immaculate, but my BMI needed some work. I have been struggling with my body image and releasing weight for years. It’s mainly been a protective armor for me that I am ready to let go. I am safe. I am beautiful. I am safe. I am beautiful. I am safe. I am beautiful. There are many aspects to this;emotional, energetic and being consistent with my practice. I looked at where I needed to make some adjustments and since then a matter of about 4-6 weeks I have lost nearly 20 pounds with little effort. I did not starve myself, I did not deprive myself. In the Tantric perspective we are all divine and our body is our temple. We need to take care of this sacred temple. As a holistic health + healing arts practitioner I also needed to take a dose of my own medicine.

Here are the simple changes I made that I have been consistent with:

1. Move my body everyday – no matter what it is, yoga, walking, hiking, dancing for a min of 20-30 minutes. If I am too tired in the morning, I take a walk on my break or I pick my kids up and we go to the park or the track. I have to schedule it in and make it a priority. We are made to move and this is how we can clear our energy field and support our human biological systems.

2. Drink more water. I discovered that I was dehydrated and needed more water. Water is a conductor of energy and supports our system on so many levels. We are mostly made of water and we need this to nourish and refuel. To be fluid and receptive.

3. Sleep. Setting a regular bed time and routine.
Our bodies need sleep to heal, restore and reset. Our culture has us set up for our stress/cortisol levels to go through the roof and it’s up to us to create balance and rest periods.

4. Mindful eating. While I follow a plant based whole foods diet I needed to restructure to support my metabolism. I also needed to stop eating after 7pm. This gives me 12-16 hours of built in fasting time that is essential for your body as well. I have tea when I wake up and something small. I will have my main meal mid day and something light in the evening, so my body is not digesting late at night and my body can truly rest in all aspects.

5. I had to re-establish a new relationship with myself and make myself, my health and well being a priority. I continue with my daily meditation, time in nature and get those light rays and natural vitamin D.

6. I have been using essential oils to support the process as well. Restoring my digestive system, hormonal system and emotional well being.

It’s truly remarkable. The ultimate self love in taking care of your divine self, mind, body and spirit.

If you would like support in your health and wellness goals, drop me a note. It does not have to be complicated, just consistent.


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