Oil of Love + Trust

In my practice I work with the wisdom and energy of nature. One of my favorite partners and tools are essential oils. These oils work on every level of our being, mental, physical and emotional. Emotions are energy in motion, and service as messengers in our human experience. I have often said that emotional intelligence is vital to knowing yourself and understanding others. In my practice people come to me for a variety of reasons and when we get to the heart of the matter and take out the story, it comes down to the foundational energy or emotion.

Most of this is core wounding in people that has been passed down through generations that we continue in our lifetimes because we have not changed the pattern or story. Once we are in awareness of this we have the power to make a conscious change in our healing and in our lives. We are also taught that certain emotions are good or bad, yet they are what they are. We need to be able to express them in a safe and healthy way with no judgement. If we do not, they are harbored in our psyche and become hidden infestations in our bodies that eventually show up as a state of dis-ease. We are not in balance or harmony within.

Some of the collective core wounding is around abandonment. In the big picture we are never alone, yet at times we feel we are. We all have some form of PTSD from our traumatic experiences, yet we do not have to live the rest of our lives this way. Healing can happen and it takes some work, patience and compassion.

Geranium is the oil of love and trust. The medicine of this plant restores confidence in the innate goodness of others and in the world. It facilitates trust, especially when individuals have lost trust in others due to difficult life circumstances. When there has been a loss of trust in relationships, Geranium encourages emotional honesty, love and forgiveness. It fosters receptivity to human love and connection.

This beautiful oil is gentle and supports the softening of anger and the release of grief or pain that has been suppressed. The medicine of this beautiful bloom leads away from the logical mind and into the warmth and nurture of the heart.

Source: Emotions & Essential Oils Reference Guide

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