Serpent Power

“I am the bone collector
I am the soul reclaimer
I am the initiated old woman
Who sings over your bones and brings them back to life
Soul infused
Spirit filled
Divine inspired are thee…”

Snake medicine came to me many years ago. I will never for hiking and seeing the mass of power before me. I had to face some fears in that moment, yet the energy she was emitting was not one of a threat, but one of an invitation.

My instinct was to run, but my intuition said to stay and be present with her. She later visited me in dreams and journeys offering new pathways of awareness, healing and power. 4 years ago my mother found a ring that was my grandmothers. It’s a silver twin snake ring that was given to her in the the late 1930’s by someone she loved. My mother said, “This is for you.” I had chills and tears began to well up in my eyes. Just days before I had a conversation with one of my teachers about the snake and he said to me, “You come from a long line of powerful women…” Then I receive this gift from my grandmother in spirit as a reminder of who I am and where I come from.

She (the snake) recently came back in a big way. Days before ceremony, she graced the land where I would be with her beloved. They united just feet from a pyramid that is on the land. I smiled at the symbolism and message for me.

I went to the space where they had been. I made an offering of dried roses. The energy there was potent. I could feel it coming up from the earth and infusing my being. My hands turned into a gentle fire from the energy running through me. I was with two beloveds and soon received a message to facilitate. It was one of the most beautiful healing moments I have been blessed to witnessed.

Snake represents healing, transformation, power, wisdom, death and rebirth. This moment was the unification of the liberated masculine and feminine principals returning to eden. This is what is happening within the collective, within each one of us.

We speak of the darkness of the soul and the underworld as something to be feared instead of something to explore with awareness. In light of so many souls transitioning, and many suffering with mental constructs, I wanted to shed some alternative light on the subject. I am gathering my thoughts and will share more soon. We are here to bring to light (awareness) to all of the areas that cause us pain and suffering and liberate ourselves from the stories that are cycling on a continuous loop that hold us hostage. It’s a collective and collaborative effort.

A wise master once told me, “My suffering is no different from anyone elses,” meaning we must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. In the interconnectedness of life, we must take care of ourselves and take care of each other as we journey through the caverns of our individual and collective heart and mind to release all suffering.

Shaman Snake Woman Poem

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