The Lives We Touch

You may never really know all the lives you touch.

I received an ominous email today from one of my followers. It was a reply to my weekly Wellness + Wisdom emails. She asked if she could call me and I mentioned that I typically make appointments due to my schedule. She said that something disturbing recently happened and when praying for help all she could see was my face. I asked her to send me her number and I would call her.

On my ride home between work and a dinner meeting I called her. She said, “You may not remember me, but I met you in Vermont last fall.” I instantly remembered who she was. I had taken my kids on a Green Mountain adventure. We stayed at an adorable bohemian ski lodge-wellness retreat that had all my creature comforts. One morning at breakfast my children in true form, where getting to know everyone that was staying at the lodge before I even made it downstairs. We sat next to this couple that they had already began talking to. The couple was having a weekend getaway and my kids had already told them about us, and our adventure.

This was the woman that reached out today. At the time she was very interested in my healing arts work and intrigued at why were were called back to where I was born. After chatting a bit, I gave her my card and asked her to be in touch. I never heard from here until today. She recently became engaged to the man she was with, yet she felt something was different. An argument ensued on Father’s Day. Something did not go according to plan and he totally flipped a switch, calling her names, holding her by the throat, cancelled the engagement, took random things from their place. He took her cats and held them essentially for ransom unless she paid him money. I thought to myself, I have heard some crazy stories in my life and career, but this was incredible.

The first thing I asked is if she called the police to report the incident, if she and her kids were safe. I asked if there was any history of violence and she said not like this. There was one other time in 5 years that he hit a wall. I asked her some more questions and made sure she had the resources she needed to support her safety and healing. A man she loved and adored, became a different person before her eyes and she did not understand. She also found out that right after their engagement he began flirting and engaging with other woman. I felt her heart, confusion and sadness. I told her that sometimes we may never understand why things happen, but trust that this may be a blessing in disguise, saving her from a lifetime abuse and betrayal. I told her this was not her fault, no matter what he said. Why she was guided to me I will never be sure, but I wanted to honor her reaching out and be a compassionate ear in a time of need.

We all have our stories. I have learned that no matter what things look like on the outside, there are many pages hidden from view. Kindness and compassion are keys to supporting each other, whether it be a friend or someone you met in passing. This is how we change the world. Offering a moment to someone in need. Sometimes knowing you are not alone in this journey of life is enough. This is what is means to love one another. I am deeply humbled by this experience and exchange I had with this woman. Just a few minutes of your time can make a world of difference to someone suffering.

We may never know all the lives we touch, that there is meaning in each encounter and exchange that touches the heart of humanity. May we be the change we want to see in the world.

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