Session Notes: Finding the Root

Healing Happens.

Today was a remarkable session with a 70 year old beauty. I had not seen her in about 6 weeks. She has been carrying around ovarian cancer for 4 years. Her life and story are remarkable. She has had numerous treatments with no success. Thankfully she has not had terrible side effects and that is a miracle.

As we caught up, she reflected back on our previous session. Something I said stood out to her, so we dove deeper into that. I explained the energetics around it and we found the trigger point, the root cause. Tears fell and we cleared the energy around the entry point of when the cancer began — 30 years ago.

When there is dis-ease that means our body is not in it’s natural state. We must create ease holistically, mind, body, spirit. We need to discover what is causing the imbalance in our personal eco/energy system so that we can release it. Dis-ease is caused by stress, trauma, thoughts, stories, environment, malnutrition, attachments or taking on someone else’s burden/energy unconsciously. Where it manifests in our body gives us clues so that we can feel into it to heal it.

This is why I say to nurture your nature.

We are such incredibly powerful beings. When awareness enters the healing process, empowerment and transformation takes place and choices are made. I am so humbled and honored to witness this with those that are called to work with me. I cry after each session because it is so sacred, so powerful, so moving to see people come back to life.

Now with the space she has created, she is creating her own personal recovery plan, that consists of doing more of the things she loves. I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

She said to me, “Your hands are hot and healing and I always feel so much better after seeing you.”

This is my gift and I am so grateful to share it.

11/6/2018 Update

1 month follow up with my client after finding and clearing the entry point of her cancer: “For the first time in 14 months, my cancer tumor blood marker has reduced meaningfully. My other blood numbers are wonderfully normal, better than most. I feel great and don’t look I’ll or diseased at all.”

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