Come On Out

I was reflecting on National Coming Out day. Part of me wishes this was for everyone and not just about sexual orientation.

I remember the day, nearly 5 years ago, I said to one of my dearest friends, I felt like I was coming out of the cosmic closet. I was in the middle of a big life transition and everything was falling away including my old identities. We put on so many masks and facades and step into many roles, yet who are we really?

We are energy, we are love, we are the wild and wonderful dancing in the light and dark now dressed up in skin. I know who I am at the core. I remember a yoga teacher telling me me one year, “you are not your anger…” The way he said it hit my heart. I knew this to be true, but it pierced my field in a new way.

I’m A Stripper.

I’ve been stripping away identities.

I’ve been shedding skin.

I’ve been looking in the mirror

And reflect on who I’ve been.

As I undress what I’ve put on over the years, it’s freeing to shed the weight of the ideas, conditions, expectations and limitations of those layers. While I don’t dismiss them, because each of those roles served a purpose and taught me something, I realized that I don’t need to carry them around and weigh me down. I can try things on and I can put them back on the rack.

As we shed, grow, change and shape shift continuously, please just show up and come out as your most authentic self. Be free to be who you are and not what other people told you or want you to be. Love who you want, express in ways that are true for you. The launguage and expression of love is vast.

Love one another and don’t forget to add yourself into that equation. The journey of love needs to include youself. We must reconcile all of the crap we have held onto or dismissed. It’s an invitation and initiation of self acceptance. Where there is acceptance of One and Other there is Love.

Come on Out.

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