You’ve Got The Power

Part of the mythology that they’ve been teaching you is that you have no power.

Power is not brute force and money; power is in your spirit.

Power is in your soul.

It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you.

Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth.’

~ Winona LaDuke, “Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life”


I have a mystical story to share about my ancestors. This time of year and any point on the wheel, the changing of a seasons, the veil between the material world and spiritual world is thin. It’s easier for communication between the two. This time of year near our hallmark holidays and spiritual, cultural traditions we also celebrate Samhain, a
Gaelic, Irish, Scottish and Pagan tradition. This is an ancient tradition and the seed where Halloween, Day of the Dead, and all Souls Day were derived, just different packaging in different cultures. They honor the spirits of our ancestors that have past. I remember seeing Coco with my children and my kids finally had some animated context and understanding on what I “see”. They made a comment and I said, “Welcome to my Worlds”.  Thank you Pixar. My kids also began to understand some of their experiences.

On Power and Right Relationships.

During one full moon several years ago, I was in a deep healing state, reclaiming my power on many levels. I heard my ancestors in the wind and decided to do my full moon ritual in a different location outside. I lit the candles round this basket I inherited from my Aunt that had recently passed. In the basket where my crystals to cleanse and charge and my intentions of release and renewal. I closed my eyes and said my prayers. When I was finished and began my meditation, I heard my crows, the wind picked up and a large force of energy surrounded me.

All my ancestors were around me.

My grandmother and aunt in front of me on either side. I had been praying for support and guidance and it arrived on the wind. I sat in awe and listened with my heart.
They said, “you have the power, darling, you know this. Put your hands out.” They guided me through a journey. When I opened my eyes there were two small orange colored energy balls above my hands. They said, “We know you can feel this. We want you to see it” and they gave me instructions. Tears falling from my eyes, as I remember receiving this same guidance as a little girl in my grandparents field.
We must remember the power of our Spirit and the Great Spirit that supports us. Everything we need we have inside. We must remember to nurture our innate nature and remember how we are connected to the earth. Use our power/energy for good and to do no harm to self or others. This is to be in Right relationship and in true power. This week on our full moon I invite you to pray to your ancestors and see what messages they have for you. Thank them for their service in the seen and unseen.

Blessed Be.

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