We Are Connected To The Earth

There are so many of us deeply connected to this earth, and we are feeling it.

I observe what we as a collective society have done in our mindless greed to attain land, money, and possessions. It makes sense we feel used, abused, unseen, unheard, not appreciated, trashed and raped for personal gain—constant war within ourselves and eachother. The Earth is a feminine manifestation, so the feminine within us, whether man or woman, feels this at some level.

If you are a dominate earth sign, you may be feeling this even more strongly. Also, I would suggest seeing where the earth signs and Venus is in your astrological chart because that is where you may have some work to reconcile within.

There is a holy uprising happening within and without.
Your rage is holy, your anger is holy and justified; however, we must do no harm. This is deep internal work, getting to the energetic roots and transforming the energies into your true creative holy power that comes from being heart led.

This is Inner Alchemy.

We are being triggered, we are being stirred, but we must hold ourselves and each other with the deepest compassion as all of the darkness is coming to light. With this work we birth a new reality and new way of being.

This earth and our bodies are the Spirit made flesh. We must tend to the garden of our minds, nurture the body of our souls and return to Eden.

The time is now.

You have been given the invitation.

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