My Diagnosis: HPV Awareness

The beginning of this month my body urged me to go see the nurse midwives for a physical. I have always been in tune with my body.  After several abnormal cycles since this fall, I knew something was not right. My initial physical looked good, yet I  received a call a few days later with some unsettling news. My labs were back and I was in shock.

I tested positive for high risk HPV. A common virus in our population which has over 100 strains.

70% of population has some form of HPV and many do not know it.  It touches everyone in their lifetime often with no symptoms because it’s a sexually transmitted infection (STI). 90% of the cases clear up on their own, yet here is the kicker; I happen to have two high risk strains known to develop into cervical cancer, HPV 16/18.

They also found low grade lesion CIC1 known as cervical dysplasia that is a precancerous condition in which I will be having further testing.

After doing some diligent research, I am confident that all will reconcile and cells will heal.

When caught early, cases clear in 2 years. I am confident with my protocol it will clear much faster. Over 20 years ago I healed a large mass in my breast on my own with holistic lifestyle protocols under doctors supervision within 12 months.

While it is concerning I am doing my best not to worry and practice what I preach.  I am being a diligent and proactive with my care I have implemented the following protocols known to have remedied my current condition.

  • Gerson Therapy –  (modified) Is a proven method to cure many cancers, including stage 4, and other chronic illnesses for over 80 years. It involves detoxification, nutritional, cellular healing and immune boosting.
  • Therapeutic Essential Oils – Targeted cellar healing and virus eradication. Essential oils were the original medicine over 5000+ years ago.
  • Shitake mushroom extract- Is an immune booster and Ancient Chinese medicine— some clinical studies have eliminated HPV
  • Shamanic/energy work – If you are not familiar with energy work, this involves a journey and inquiry to the aspects of the sacral chakra center. It’s a spiritual and energetic practice to restore balance to that energy center of the body.
  • Acupuncture – Boost the immune system and restore energetic channels.
  • CBD oil – Studies show the support of numerous health benefits and restoring the body back to balance.
  • Yoga + Meditation + Mantra – A holistic health practice and ancient spiritual tradition.
  • Nature – Heals
  • V- steam –  An ancient herbal healing practice and female health care that cleanses, heals and restores  the womb, cellular restoration. Some cases show elimination of HPV and multiple other documented benefits.

It’s always scary to hear the C word, but I have healed myself once and I will do it again.

I had  an initial meltdown, but feeling better and emotionally strong.

I have a phenomenal integrated health tribe, best of both worlds.

Many have asked how they can help.

Prayers and Produce 🍏

Much Love + Healing,


UPDATE:  After three months of holistic protocols I could feel my body healing. I also learned that they read my labs wrong and I DO NOT have high risk strains of HPV. After much research an confidence in my body I know that next year my labs will show it’s all cleared. #healinghappens I just needed a little reset.

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