Reiki is Love.

For those that don’t understand Reiki- Reiki is word that describes a Japanese Healing Art of gentle touch and holistic energy healing.

It’s a form of intentional prayer.

Reiki is Universal Love shared from one being to another. It helps calm the body and mind to restore systems and layers of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

For many practitioners, we can also sense or see this energy.

I have been a practitioner since birth, aware of it since age 4. Was given context when my grandfather and mother were trained as Reiki Masters and passed down the lineage to me, a viral-visceral remembering.

In my travels, training and experience I relate this to what Jesus and Mary, Shamans, Yogis, etc have been teaching because it is spiritual, it’s tantric, it’s uniting and infusing love— the life force to those in need of support and integration.

We are all channels of love. We all have healing hands.
We all have good in our hearts, for others it’s buried deep.

Many are now turning to alternative methods for health and healing, but it’s an ancient method.
It invites stillness of the body. It invites awareness of where you are holding on and where you need to let go.

I have supported many with illness, trauma, cancer, pain, addictions and mental and emotional health concerns. Everything is interrelated.

You have the power to heal. #healinghappens

I have witnessed miracles and incredible breakthroughs— And I am here to share.
What comes up is not always easy, but in the right hands you are loved, accepted and supported as you witness yourself come back, to you.

There are many gifted practitioners. I encourage you to give it a try. My mother also organizes a Reiki Share each month in Annapolis, MD.

If you are local, contact me for a session or message me and I may be able to find you a referral.


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