The Ritual of Resolutions

The New Year brings feelings of renewal and resolution for many. It’s an invitation to start fresh and reflect on what we wish to create in the year ahead. Let’s explore the fascination of resolutions and what that means to us.


1. A firm decision to do or not to do something.
2. The quality of being determined or resolute.

It’s often a love-hate relationship with resolutions because we many start out inspired to create a change in our lives; however following through on that inspiration for 365 days seems daunting. After awhile many tend to fall back on comfortable and familiar patterns and we have lost our power to create meaningful changes in our life.

I have a holistic road map to help you stay focused, resolute and in your power for 365 days. A year is a long time that often goes by in a blink. The idea is to have a monthly focus and build on that so that you can accomplish much more that what seemed possible. Everything is interconnected, so as you follow the monthly ritual and focus you will build on that energy for the months, intentions and goals to come.

The New Moon is often called the Dark Moon. This is a time of creativity and the best time to bring your resolution rituals alive. There are 12 areas that you can arrange and prioritize that work best for you this coming year. This is about being conscious powerful creators and crafting your best year yet!

Physical Activity
Home Cooking
Home Environment
Social Life

I would suggest getting a dedicated journal for your New Moon Resolution Ritual.
Next suggestion is to take a moment to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and feel what is coming up for you to resolve/reconcile within yourself first. This journey is about self love, and awareness/energy in action.

January 24th is the first New Moon of 2020.

I would set aside some time to be with your first resolution. If Health is your priority for this cycle, journal about what you wish to do this month to enhance your personal health – emotional, mental, physical. It could be as simple as getting better sleep, drinking more water, learning to meditate, spending more time outside or ditching the processed foods. Whatever you wish to focus on, health or another priority – keep it simple and consistent.

Use your journal to record your daily, weekly and monthly process. Drop into your heart and share your thoughts and feelings with no judgement. Create a positive affirmation for the month to keep you motivated and focused each day.

You will do this each New Moon. You can pick a different focus or stick with one until you are satisfied with your results. By the end of the year you will have a journal of incredible conscious creation and personal transformation. You will have your own testimony as to how powerful you are when your dedicate your heart and mind to a common cause.

Here are your New Moon Dates for 2020

Feb 23
March 24
April 23
May 22
June 21 -Solstice
July 20
August 19
September 17
October 16
November 15
December 14

I will be posting New Moon Resolution Rituals on my Holistic DIVA Healing Arts Facebook page. I would love for you to share what you are focusing on so we as a community can support one another.

I am also offering free Health Consults to support you and to help kick off your year of powerful creation and transformation.

This is the year to Ritualize your Resolutions and bring your dreams to life!


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