Physical and Spiritual Nutrients

We are living in interesting times. I wanted to offer some physical and spiritual nutrients to support you in keep you healthy and strong.

Best way to get your vitamins and minerals to support your immune system and whole body is through fresh fruits and vegetables. Organic if possible because we want to stop polluting in the inner and outer terrain.

Food is medicine, real food. Your home work is to research foods with these vitamins.

It’s been said that man/humans cannot live on bread alone. Today, I am offering some spiritual nutrients for you.

Vitamin A – Acceptance and Alignment. Accept that we are built and made for these changing times and Align with a Love.

Vitamin B – Be Kind, Be Patient. Be Compassionate. Be filled with Faith.

Vitamin C- I’m going to say it again. Be compassionate, Be Calm with yourself and others.

Vitamin D – Devote yourself to embodying your Divine Self. Through prayer, meditation, yoga, nature, sunshine and self reflection. Be still and know.

Vitamin F – Forgive, yourself and others for wrong doing in the past. This is a weight lifter from your heart, mind and body. If you want to lose weight, forgive. If this is a struggle, ask your heart to show you the way.

Vitamin L- Love.

For those of you overachievers looking for foods with Vitamin F and L. Let me what what you find.

Now, please join me in song. Please rise.

Hey, I love you.
We’ve got this.

I will continue to share my Holistic DIVA Living Tips and Tricks. If you are interested in personal holistic health coaching, drop me a note and let’s get started! Free initial consultation. Don’t forget to stock up on your essentials including your essential oils for health and wellness.

Much Love,


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