Healthy Habits

Hey there!

How are you doing?

Don’t touch your face!

Go wash your hands!

Okay, ready to ready this?

Here we are living in interesting times and concerned more than ever about our health.

Before this virus hit the fan, I wrote a little ebook, Holistic DIVA’s Healthy Habits. I have been delayed in getting it online, but I wanted to share it with you now!

It’s truly a simple reset to help people reflect and get back on track. Our immune system, and our mindset are vital during these stressful times. Stress causes so many of our illnesses and disease because that drains our immune system. We want to keep that baby strong.

I also wanted to suggest to stay away from foods that cause mucus in the body. Some of you are not going to like this. Avoid or limit the following “foods” and replace with something nourishing.

Sugar, wheat, breads, pastas, corn, dairy, meat, alcohol and caffeine and any junk processed foods.  — Ouch.


I know… but think of it as a Spring Cleanse or a healthy experiment and let me know how it goes.

You will want to boost up on your fruits, veggies and greens and lots of water and herbal tea. Organic India’s Lemon Ginger is my favorite right now. It’s got the magic  Tusli in it too.

If you are looking for some recipes to inspire, I invite you you to check out some of  this deliciousness. Check out Recipes.   I literally just googled it.

You can also search my dear friend Emily’s amazing website at Recipes to Nourish.

UPDATE: Holistic DIVA’s Healthy Habits Available Now on Amazon! 

Stay Well.

Stay Safe!



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