Ancient Medicine: Essential Oils

History of Essential Oils

Essential oils are the oldest form of medicine known to man.

Essential oils are subtle, aromatic liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark &/or roots of trees, herbs, bushes & shrubbery through distillation. In the craft of alchemy, the soul of a plant is its oil, while its spirit is the plant’s alcohol or tincture. According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, priests & alchemists used essential oils to heal the sick. Essential oils were considered more valuable than gold in many ancient cultures. And, like gold, the desire for essential oils is strong when it comes to discerning individuals who want an organic, simple, strong, reliable alternative to synthetic medicines that often produce unhealthy side effects.

The Ancient Egyptians believed the sense of smell was the most important of all sensory abilities, more so than sight. They knew inhaling aromas amplified intrinsic “frequency” & transformation. The utchat eye pendant, shown here, found on the mummy of Tutankhamen, depicts the alchemy of spiritual nourishment both in the afterlife & in the created world. An ancient egyptian scroll, carbon dated 1500 B.C., reveals hundreds of Egyptian remedies using essential oils. When King Tut’s tomb was opened in 1922, 50 alabaster mason jars for keeping oils were present. The invaluable oils were stolen long ago, by thieves who valued the oil more than the gold, which remained present in the tomb.

The Bible refers to essential or anointing oils over 150 times. The word “anoint” comes from the Latin word inunctus and it means “to smear with oil”, to make a person sacred, to set them apart & to dedicate them to serve a higher spiritual purpose. The Hebrew form of Messiah and the Greek form of Christ literally mean “anointed.” The bible tells us a plague was stopped in part by preparing a sacred temple with aromatic oils. The New Testament shares gifts offered by the 3 wise men, and how baby Jesus received “gold”, frankincense and myrrh. Some historians believe the “gold” refers to a valuable “liquid gold” known as balsam oil (Mt.2:1). The oil Mary used to anoint both feet of Jesus was equivalent in value to one year’s wages (Jn.12:3).

The Chinese culture used essential oils for healing as far back as 3000 B.C., as proven by the discovery of Shen Nong Shi’s herbal book, the oldest surviving medical book in China. Shen Nong Shi, is the father of agriculture who invented herbal medicine & he was the 1st Chinese herbal doctor. The ancient pages of his book contain over 350 herbs and their medicinal uses, including the application of essential oils.

The Arabians, amassed a thriving frankincense trade in 500 B.C. where supply & demand was so high the trade route became famously known as “Frankincense Trail.” In the marketplaces of modern Arabia, baskets still overflow with aromatic herbs, spices & oils. These items once came to Arabia atop camel caravans, requiring many months of transport under heavy guard. The people of Arabia utilize these fragrant treasures today, in much the same way as they did centuries ago. For generations, mothers and grandmothers have & continue to share & employ the rich heritage of natural healing remedies, known today as a unique form of Middle Eastern aromatherapy.

The Greek & Roman cultures adopted their healing methods from the Egyptians. One of the most well-known physicians of all time, Hippocrates, was a firm believer in treating his patients holistically. If you traveled back in time between 460 B.C. & 377 B.C. you would see him administering essential oils via aromatherapy & massage. Greece was known for its bath houses. Many used essential oils to create healing waters. The Ancient Romans were great believers in hygiene to promote health & they always placed great stock in aromatherapy, the power of fragrances.

A great documentary on the subject is Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils.  It will take you on wondrous journey back in time, to a place of mystery and astonishing discovery. Learn about the timeless secrets so powerful the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews rejoiced in them, kings and priests found life and healing in them. Come, see how even before man was upon the earth, The Wisdom of the Ages created these sources of healing and vital health.

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