Let Love Rule



There is no denying we are living in amazing times. Who knew we would be dealing with a pandemic in our lifetime. What is interesting is that I feel safe. I have my moments of anxiety, but I feel the words in this image more strongly. There is more that what meets the eye.

We have to hold and support each other as what we knew as normal falls apart and the new dawn reveals itself. Those close to me know I have prophetic dreams and visions. I am also a clairsentient. I don’t often share because it’s weird and unbelievable at times. Growing up I did not know what to do with the “information” as it happens randomly too.

We all have gifts.

We all need to cultivate and use those gifts now to support the shifting of the world. We are here to come up with sustainable solutions that are in harmony with the natural world that support our eco-system on all levels. We need to keep our spirits up with creativity – with music, song, dance, art, cooking, painting, making love; anything creative that makes you feel alive. This is the energy we need right now to pull us through.

Even among the chaos God/Love is here. We are learning our lessons and clearing our karma. This is what happens when we are given free will. We are not immune from the consequences of our individual or collective actions. May we be at peace in knowing all is forgiven. We must forgive ourselves and forgive others.

I offered a powerful workshop on forgiveness many years ago. I am happy to share those insights in the coming days. Forgiveness is a powerful antidote for much of what ails us.

Did we know it would come to this?

Part of our responsibility is our own inner healing and alignment with heaven and earth.

It is one and the same.

We are here to unite no just with each other but the inner landscape of all that is within us. We have been told for thousands of years that all is within in us. So within so without, meaning the world we live in. We are the army of spiritual warriors living in the flesh. It’s time to do your part. This is the revolution. Earth is the gift of the Garden. The Garden of Eden.

Look at what we have done with the virus of greed, power, control, consumption and materialism. We have created a concrete jungle of war, and separation. We have raped the land and polluted what was meant to be heaven on/as Earth.

If we can think of Earth as the collective heart of the Universe we as cells/souls must organize to heal. She is showing us the way. We are regenerative beings, we must create the right conditions so that all the creatures can live in harmony. It is possible. I have seen it.


Aligning with Spring, we are in the season of rebirth and renewal. May we follow her lead. Healing and peace come from cultivating health from reconciliation. We must reconcile all that has held us back in our heart and mind from expressing the higher love that we are.

As a holistic health coach I support this process. I have lived this process and I have seen incredible results. Many of our health issues come from our relationship to the past and the emotions we have held hostage. Emotions are energy. Energy is life.

If you want to be free, we need to go within. This is where we find the treasures.

This is our pot of gold.

Now Lenny will sing for us.

Message me for a complimentary Holistic Health Consult. I am here to support your health and healing journey.
Video from my workshop on forgiveness.

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