Community Solar Farming

About a year ago, I invested in shares of a local community solar farm project. I was very excited to learn about this because I was not in a position to get my own panels and I wanted to do something sustainable that would help the planet and my pocket.

In my research I found a community solar farm project with Neighborhood Sun based in Maryland. I would highly suggest you looking in to projects in your area. Your home size determines how many panels you have on the solar farm and you earn solar credits on your electric bill.

It’s super easy to join and save!

There have been concerns that some solar companies are cutting down trees to put up panels, but this is not the case with Neighborhood Sun. They have invested in land that was already vacant in the area.

Neighborhood Sun is a community solar company based in Silver Spring, Maryland dedicated to empowering all individuals to choose shared solar energy. Save the environment and save money too!

If you are in Maryland, Click Here to learn more and join a local community solar farm.

Go Solar!






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