Tree of Life, Love and Medicine

The other night the kids and I packed our laptops and backpack and headed to Papas. My mom needed extra support. Family is everything. Supporting each other in the circle and seasons of life is why we are here— no matter what. I slept in the room I once called home after high school. He has lived in this house for 28 years. It’s literally been home based for our family.

He calls it the international resource center. If anyone needs anything they call or come here. Our base is surrounded by trees. There is a huge Magnolia out front standing guard. She represents the feminine divine healing energy and represents earth element, uniting heaven and Earth. 

The Magnolia Tree has been used for along time in indigenous medicine and later used for cancer drugs, paclitaxel; Hoodia gordonii (from Namibia, source of weight loss drugs). Half of Magnolias (used as Chinese medicine for 5,000 years to fight cancer, dementia and heart disease).

Once upon a time, there was a French botanist by the name of Pierre Magnol (1638 – 1715). He helped scientists determine that plants came in families and not just species. Papa comes from French/English Ancestry.

Magnolias symbolized dignity and nobility.
In ancient China, magnolias were thought to be the perfect symbols of beauty and gentleness. Magnolia’s can live a century, that was Papa’s goal. So much beauty and symbolism. The next morning I was re-reading the Secrets of the Yoga Sutras. Like Steve Jobs gave Autobiography of a Yogi to everyone he loved, I would also add on this book.

“Life is a priceless gift for it endows us with everything we need to experience our grandeur. Discovering the intrinsic divinity at our core is the highest achievement; dying without experiencing is the greatest loss.”

If Papa were on Facebook he would tell you about Divine Universal Energy. He has embodied and taught me this for as long as I am remember. He has sat in Pure Consciousness and has seen and experienced his luminous nature. He has travelled to infinity and beyond. He has shared what is beyond what our mind can comprehend.
A few months ago he said to someone, “I may not agree with what happens here, but I am not ready to go yet…” He knows the gift and limitations of this plane, but what is also possible.

So much more is possible for us all and this planet if we connect with our hearts and our luminous selves. This is where transformation happens. I am rededicating my life to teach this, as he has taught me.

If we wish for things to change, we must transform ourselves, and like a Magnolia, with strength, gentleness and beauty of our hearts be the medicine for a troubled world.

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