Through the Tea Cup

Be careful what you feed your mind as you may lose the wisdom of your heart.

We are Al and Alice in wonderland- nothing is as it seems. It’s Spring and the bunnies are here running in a many directions. How do you know which way to go— what characters or voices do you believe?
Please sit, be still, and drink some tea and witness the transformation from water to awareness. Witness in those quiet moments, the warmth of the water. The taste and smell of the tea. What wisdom does this process offer thee? A dose of personal alchemy.
Everything that enters our physical body whether through the mind or mouth can nourish us or kill our life force energy. Our soul and our cells are listening.
This is the biology of Belief.
Manifestation of the mind.
If you see the bunny pass by Buddha in the garden please acknowledge the message of his presence and stillness. May you be reminded “what you think, you become”
You are the gatekeeper of heaven or hell, what enters here is free to dwell. May you be mindful what you put in your well.
As you stir your tea-spoon, You stir the inner pot and your gift of healing, awareness and transformation.
You hold the lock.
You hold the key.
Be still and see.

You hold a teaspoon of transformation for all humanity.

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