Happy Earth/Heart Day!

Today is Earth Day.

The Earth is the Heart of our Universe, inside us and outside of us. On a symbolic level we currently are all experiencing some form of heart dis-ease, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
I have decided to dedicate my work to the collective holistic health of the heart which is vital for a healthy and happy life. It’s vital for all forms of healing. I was shocked to learn it was a leading cause of death for all genders and cultures. As I felt into it I could understand why.
Over the last 25 years supporting friends, family, students and clients, the common thread is getting to the heart of the matter. When we dive into the heart of the health issues we find gold. We find the answers. We find the solutions. We find the remedy and the cure.
The heart pumps blood to all our systems in our body. Clean heart, clean body. Clear heart, clear mind. Healed heart, free spirit.
Focusing on the heart I work we unite the practical and the spiritual elements. When in balance we reach harmony and homeostasis in the body and mind and planet.
The heart is the gateway to all health and healing. This is my life’s work.
Today, is Earth Day. Move the H to the front and we become Heart. We are heart led. Heart focused. We begin to live with love and do all things from the heart.
We have been stuck in our heads. Like a backwards flamingo in the sands of time. It is time to focus on our heart in a wholistic way.
The heart is a powerful energy force. It has the power to invoke miracles with the power of love.
When we heal and unite our hearts, all things are possible. All is healed. On this planet may we unite one heart, one mind, one love.
Want to dive into the heart of your health? Contact me for a free consultation. 

Much love,


Published by cassandra

Holistic Wellness Coach, Healing Artist and Writer. Seen in Mantra Wellness and ORIGIN Magazine. Visit on YouTube and Instagram @cassandrabellarei

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