Feel it to Heal it!

I’d like to start a discussion on how emotional and spiritual health have a tremendous impact on our mental and physical health and vice versa.

How our young ones need an integrated holistic health approach and our grown humans need help with their inner child and reparenting themselves.

We have continuously gone through the same cycles generation after generation due to unhealed stories and traumas that are inherited in our DNA that are stuck in our psyche/soul and physicality, our manifested form.

Unpacked stories and experiences that have not been looked at because they are hiding the the “boxes” of our home— our body and mind; in the basement of our heart.

The built up grief that develops into anger and inflammation in the body.

Piled up shame that collects debris in our cells and central nervous system.

Filed away fear that infects the microorganisms in our belly.

The lies, laying around covering up the truth and blocking the blood flow.

The illusions of the constructed mind that cause illness.

The attachments of all of the pain piled up that you cannot let go of. All of the unprocessed, unexpressed, unseen, unheard stories, experiences and the energy of emotions that have been bottled up in your being.

This is the true cause of dis-ease.

If all of this is reconciled and released from our mind and body, we are free, we are clear, we are seen, heard and fully expressed. We are whole, we are healthy and we are complete in all that we are.

It’s not just about what is on your plate.

You can go on a kale diet and still not feel good. This is the reason diets don’t work.

It’s not one size fits all.

We all hold similar, yet individual components.

Yes— we need to take care of the physical, but our physical system needs nourishment and nutrients in many more areas than what is on our plate.

This is what Holistic Health is about. It encompasses all the pieces of the organic sweet pie that is you. All the ingredients matter to heal, and to live your healthiest, happiest life.

We have an epidemic of addiction and disease because we have not taken care of our Whole Selves.

It’s hard, and you have to feel and address it all.

This is what I do.

This is what I hold space for.

This is what I help you navigate

So that you can see the healer, healing and health you have been looking for, has been with you all along.

There is no pill or surgery that can help you with this kind of internal medicine.

But I can.

I see you.

I feel you.

I hear you.

I love you.



Contact me for a complimentary Holistic Health Consultation.

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