Your Healer is You.

Your healer is you.

Your savior is you.

What is created in what we call reality began with a seed of thought or words, then it became habits, patterns and choices; it became your life. What you communicate to your-self, is what has been programmed in your psyche/soul is what is being projected in your personal experience. What happens within all of us creates our collective experience.

Since I was a young one, my wise grandmother taught me about the powerful healing magic of the heart; the relationship between nature, earth, cosmos and stars and how to unite them. The relationship with all aspects of life begins with what has been planted and taken root within us.

My grandfather and mother reinforced what I intuitively knew about the energy of life, and the power of our mind and body that is fueled and directed by the heart.

Being a healer/coach I teach how to heal what is within you because this is the path to life, health and living. It’s not about living forever in human form, but illuminating life within and experiencing the gift we have been given with consciousness.

As humans we are dancing with our egos and emotions, what I like to refer to as the waves of life. Emotions are energy in motion, e-motion. Most of us lack emotional and energetic intelligence. Many are consumed by these waves and haven’t learned to surf them, observe them, learned what they are teaching us.

If you are waiting for a sign, this is it.

I am here to support the healing of your heart that brings forth all healing and health in your life.

A life well lived is one of a healed heart.

I remember a young client from about 7 years ago. He was in elementary school. I had just started my practice part time after my divorce. His mother brought him to me because he had a rare medical condition where he couldn’t walk and the doctors were not giving her answers.

Now I don’t treat medical issues, but I connect dots to support ones health and healing.

I listened to the mom’s story and gathered clues. It soon became clear to me. The mom had been going through a messy divorce. The boy’s whole life and foundation of safety had been shattered. The boy had a hard time processing his experience and the Emotional energy was stuck in his hips.

I worked with him, his mother and grandmother and soon, not only did he begin to heal, the mother and grandmother did as well. After a few years he was able to walk again on his own, and the mom happily remarried.

This family was one of my first “real” clients and I am so grateful to them for coming to me, trusting me and listening to their heart.

I offer free consultations to see how I can support you best.

Are you ready?




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