Triggers. Demons. 12 Steps.

Trigger trigger whose got the trigger?

I am witnessing so much being churned up to be healed during this time. The collective soup is being stirred.

A gentle reminder to take a pause and look at the energy and symbolism, review parallels within the aspects of self.

Our triggers are our gateways for healing if we want to get beneath the surface of the issue, open the flesh of the wound and dive in.

Where did it take root and spread like a virus and infect your life, your relationships, your health, your peace and well being?

It’s like Alice in wonderland.

Have some tea and reflect with the mad Hatter within. What have you covered up?
What time is it?

What reveals is the invitation to heal.

The love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness you offer others you must also gift yourself.

What is within is without.

Mirror Mirror on the wall who has the trigger after all?

I want to take you on a deep dive, so we can individually and collectively heal and find the hidden gems of transformation.

Ready or Not… Triggers, Demons and 12 Steps


Friday Facebook Live…

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