A Prayer. Love One Another

We have lost our way.
Dear Mother/Father God Forgive Us.
We have turned the garden into hell and that was our choice where we must dwell.
Free will was a gift, to create a world and a life that we wish to live.
Where all were meant to dwell free.
But now hate is all I see.
We have been given a test and failed.
Our brothers and sisters killed and incarcerated, and our souls jailed by a system created by man.
Man has committed a crime—
A serial rapest— none of its kind. It’s raped spirts and soil, air, sea and sky— Dear God— I cannot witness another soul die.
We have destroyed the garden that was meant for us, a heaven on earth, but for so long we have ignored its worth.
We have been at war with a mind of manipulation and greed and devil as sowed it’s seed.
But alas, the Sun is here to light up the day to reconcile where we have gone astray. We are the children, that have lost their way intoxicated by the devil’s play.
We have been manipulated, blinded and cuffed, and slaves to the systems we have created. We lost heart, our mind was greedy all transactions landed in sin city.
Dear Mother/Father God— call us back, out from hell, because you meant for life to be a life lived well— a heart and mind that is free and full of love, unity and humanity.
… thy kingdom come… thy will be done.. on earth as it is in heaven.”
Only a higher love can lift us and awaken us from the transgressions of man.
We were meant to walk in your likeness and image. We were meant to bring, hope, peace, joy and love. To merge the heavens and earth.
We do not have the right to be called
Hu-mans— until we see and embody your light. We are only man ruined by selfish desires.
We are here to love and serve. Be in service to Good, because God is Good, God is Love and that is what we are made of.
Love One Another.
This was the message that somehow got lost in space.
Love One Another.
This is Now a Command
To restore this planet, humanity and land.
It’s time the mind bow down and be filled with heart. Until then we are divided and stripped apart.
We unite Heaven on Earth with each body.
This is the way for us to see a brighter day.

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