Manipulation of the Mind

The manipulation of the mind is the manipulation of man.
There is something that’s on my heart that I need to express. We have been manipulated for far too long. The manipulation for power, greed, control, dominance, and division. This is a program that has overrided our psyche/soul. When we are bombarded with the same information over and over it creates patterns and stories in our brain that seeps into our body and becomes our life.
This is why patterns, relationships, health issues and history repeats itself— because we are on autopilot from the same synapses in the brain. We’ve been brainwashed and manipulated. It’s time to rewire to create new outcomes for our lives. We are in a time of transformation. A time to take back the power of our hearts and minds.
Not cluttered with the choas of the current governmental media spin. This is a toxic program meant to keep the masses manipulated and controlled and to elicit reactions and outcomes.
This is not the work of the divine this the the work of the evils of men.
While we believe in justice— know that divine law will provide.
It reminds me of powerful ritual we did in Egypt. We need to release our emotions/energy that does not cause harm to self, others or property.

The divine wants us to be united.

Man wants us separated.

We must unify all within.

We cannot claim our humanity without our divinity. HU + MAN.

It’s time to govern the domain of your mind, body and soul.
We are the change.

We use our power to shift the thoughts, images, beliefs and storyline.

We all come from the same Creative Loving Source. Our brains have been held hostage and it’s being playing out for generations in this thing called life.
Wayne Dyer would say, “change your thoughts, change your life.”

And it’s so true.

I have seen this on a small scale with individuals.

What if we all turned off the TV, edited our social media feed and begin to heal and create a unified free consciousness.

The ancients shared with us the power of mantra, and later affirmations.

Albert Einstein shared with us the power of imagination and love.

Jesus taught us the power of love and forgiveness.

The yogis shared the ancient Yoga Sutras.

My grandfather would say Mind over Matter.

Otherwise we become the Mad Hatter.

So I encourage you to review your thoughts, patterns, habits and default program and see where that is coming from.

Are you being manipulated?

The opposite of manipulation is creation.

What can we create that is outside our default.

What new thoughts, patterns and habits can we create to override the wheel of manipulation and cycle of division. How can we unite our creatively, our spirituality, our heart and mind to create something new?

A few resources to consider is the book the Secret of the Yoga Sutras, by one of my long time teachers.

The second is a great series on Gaia TV (you can get through Amazon prime) called Rewired.  It’s based on the work by Dr. Dispenza. Excellent. Highly recommend.

Watch REWIRED on Gaia!

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Shift Happens.

Healing Happens.

It all starts with Us.


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