You Are the Chosen One

Listening to a message this morning someone shared it’s hard to understand the violence and war. I thought to myself, It’s really not hard to understand when we step back and see the worldly unit suffering from amnesia.

They have forgotten who they are. There is never an absence of love, just an absence of the awareness that love is in all things. The immature mind does not understand unity, it hangs on the puppet strings of separation and suffering.

In each moment we have a choice between faith and fear, between fear and love. I am grateful to other souls echoing the message I have been sharing for ages. The change in our world begins with us; examining our heart and mind and bringing it all back to balance and unity within. When we are triggered, we must look at the depths of our shadow and our reflection.

These tantrums otherwise known as “attacks” of some sort is a reflection of the collective soul/psyche. If we think of the world as our body, these acts are the physical symptoms wanting our attention. How do we shift to the healing of love?

In each moment, each breath we have an invitation to remember that we are the living spirit. We can create heaven or hell on earth.

Cellularly (energetically) we are composed of male and female energetic attributes. At our essence we are androgynous, yet have been ‘split’ and created in male or female physical form as we experience life and integrate inner harmony. Those that kill or bash someone’s sexual orientation are also really struggling with aspects in themselves. Pray for them.

We are One. We are whole, we are man and woman; our creation and expression unique. Bless the diversity that makes us whole. Send love and forgiveness to all as we are witnessing a reflection of our collective inner world.

In this breath, we have a choice. I have said to my clients time and time again,

” You are the chosen one to create a better world.” 

–Better health, better relationships etc.

The change begins in our own hearts and the ripple will become a wave a change.

A shift for humanity.


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Published by cassandra

Holistic Wellness Coach, Healing Artist and Writer. Seen in Mantra Wellness and ORIGIN Magazine. Visit on YouTube and Instagram @cassandrabellarei

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