Show Me The Love.

We are riding waves.
Some people are on a good ride and some are getting pulled in the under tow. We all go through ebbs and flow, ups and downs. This is the polarity and duality of life. We are here to master the flow and how we whether the storms. Each day we are blessed to experience this wild ride of life, the calm and the chaos. Mastering the energy of emotions, patterns and experiences. Staying centered in the EYE is the goal.Returning to Love every time.
May we remember that if we have made it this far we are remarkable beings and we are blessed. We have been through hell and experienced heaven all at the same time. We are tested. These tests make us stronger if we allow it. We return to similar experiences to see if we have learned our lesson, if we remember we have a choice to make the same choice or a different one.
Let us choose to love ourselves and love one another, over and over and over again.
When we have a world that likes to focus it’s lens on hate, war, fear, division and separation; show me the love, show me the unity, show me the good and let’s amplify that until we drown out the hate. This is one way we support the transformation of our world.




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