Wellness Circle is Live!

The past few weeks I have had to trust the flow. My computer crashed and all the work I wanted to get out was on pause. I had to surrender and trust the timing. My old self would freak out and be frustrated, instead I said to myself, “okay, it’s time to just chill and let nature takes its course with this..”

RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF — was the message.

My kids and slept in, lounged around, took walks, read, played games and went to the beach. Rough life huh? In my current experience, life is giving me an opportunity to slow down — a lot, and this is foreign to most of what we have experienced in life. Typically we are in a rush to get from one thing to the next. In this rushed and distracted state we are stressed, our nervous system and body and mind taxed. This is when our health can decline.

We have a pandemic.

I am not talking about Covid, although it’s extremely symbolic.  We have been so out of sync with nature that is has destroyed our collective health and in turn our environmental health. It’s all connected. When we can slow down and connect with ourselves and connect with nature, healing can happen and health is restored. Our health is more than what we eat. Our health includes every aspect of our life and our relationship to that. This is why I have created the Holistic DIVA Wellness Circle.

I want to give you a guide to get in tune with the seasons, cycles, energy and aspects of the season. This will help you tune into certain areas of your life that may need attention. The wellness circle, not only follows the season, but the houses of the zodiac. Why? Because my grandmother said so! 🙂

I am not an astrologer, but she was. I have gained valuable insight and wisdom from her and how that relates practically to our life and health. This is what I wish to share with you. The Wellness Circle is a journey of self awareness so that you can nurture your nature and create your best life. Click the link below to join the adventure!

Also, boogie on over to the website to check out the specials on herbs and oils this month under resources.

I look forward to connecting with you online as we journey through the houses of health.

Big Hugs!


Join the Circle.

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