Love Your Body!

Last year I enrolled in a course that began with a presentation from Deepak Chopra sharing about how we were all created. When the video was finished he said, “Congratulations for coming this far.” We have come a long way. We have evolved and expanded exponentially from the big bang that was created in our mother’s womb. We have learned what it’s like to be human  in all it’s imperfect perfection.

We have a society obsessed with bodies and what we should and should not look like. It becomes hard to accept our diversity and uniqueness. Our bodies house all the mechanics, function, spirit and magic that allow us to live. I have come to understand humans as living spirits, a sol/soul in a body. Pure Consciousness that is interconnected in our web of life, inside and out.

We have a human family that is infected with disharmony and disease, yet the good news is we have the power and have been built to heal. We are self healing creatures on infinite levels. We all have stories of hurt and healing, however I was reflecting on mine and was infused with a deeper appreciation for the body of my experience.

I was told of a story when I was just learning how to walk. I had a terrible reaction to a medical intervention and was infected with a blood-bone illness. I stopped walking and was hospitalized. The doctors were fearing the worst and they did not know when and if I would recover. My mom tells the story of a world wide prayer vigil that was held for me.  In record time my little body began to heal and transmute the infection.

We are radical shapeshifters. Inside and out.

Growing up we get cuts and bruises. We heal.

We get colds and flus. We heal.

Some experience accidents, surgeries and severe dis-eases. We heal.

We experience heart break. We heal.

Our bodies are incredible.

Deepak shares in his book Perfect Health, “To change the print out of the body, you must learn to rewire the software of the mind.” This has been my experience personally and with friends, family and clients. There are many doctors and practitioners now focused on holistic health and healing utilizing mind-body medicine along with healthy lifestyle habits.

I have had my share of accidents. I had a severe laceration in my lower abdomen when I was 12. I tore my ACL when I was 14. I was raped at 16. I have had a handful of surgeries.  I healed my asthma. I healed a mass in my breast. I cured my own HPV and more. Our bodies are amazing. All of these experiences show me how powerful our bodies are – however, we are not our bodies with our our Spirit. When the Spirit leave the body we are nothing more than quantum energy of unembodied consciousness.

Our relationship to our body is our relationship to life, our divinity, our spirituality, our health and healing. We have been so focused on the material aspect of our body and life that we have forgotten what breathes us and gives us life. To truly feel whole and complete and understand your healing power, you need to tap into the divinity of your body and mind. A conscious state of being knows that you have a choice and making that choice is an act of free will and power.

This choice can change your life.

We have to create a container and environment for health and healing to occur. One of the greats, Albert Einstein said,  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  Same goes for our health, our life, our relationships, our world and our relationship to our bodies.

Let’s connect with our bodies. I recently reflected on how far I have come from the safe womb of my mother. I grew from a baby to a woman, scars and all. I gave birth, nursed my children, walked and traveled all over the world and expressed loved with my body.

Self care, love and appreciation for all that you are is a tremendous healing act, no matter your shape, size or color. If you have a few extra pounds like me, that’s okay, we have the power to shift that with our mind, body and spirit. I have carried a lot of stress and trauma in my body. We all do, it’s how we release, cleanse and restore where are true essence of health, life and vibrant well being will shine through.

So go ahead and Love Your Body!

It’s the only place we have to live to experience this gift of life.

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