Write Yourself Well

Writing helps you unlock your subconscious mind, your soul and initiates healing. Anything that may be weighing you down in your body and mind is free to speak and be heard in the healing art of journaling and free writing.

On November 15th, 2020 you are invited to become the compassionate observer and discover the art of listening to yourself and your intuition; not all the other voices, outside noise, chatter and distractions. Whatever is on your heart/mind, whatever the topic, concern or stress maybe you can write it down. This helps the mind and body, process, digest, release and reveal the intuitive and inspired solutions for your overall health and wellbeing. Listen from your heart and witness the transformation when you allow your soul to speak and reveal all the answers that have been in the well of your existence all along.

Write Yourself Well is a 12 week exploration of self. We look at 12 areas on the Wellness Wheel of Life and dive into own own unique wisdom and clarity. With your writing practice you are able to transform anything you wish with intention, listening, action and surrender.It begins with the word and the word manifests. This is conscious co-creation and exploration with God/Spirit/Creator/Universe.

This e-course begins Sunday November 15, 2020 though January 31, 2021. You will be sent a weekly email of exploration and be invited to a private facebook group to discuss your discoveries with fellow explorers.

Ticket for the Ride: $198

Register Today!

Cassandra Bellarei is a Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, and Writer. She has been called a Modern Medicine Woman helping people reach the core of their being and unleash their creative and healing potential. www.cassandrabellarei.com

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