Breast Cancer & Healing Awareness

October tends to bring awareness to many health concerns and issues we face as a human family. The good news I am here to share is that healing is possible for anyone. There are many paths to health and healing. What I have learned and witnessed over and over again is that you must be guided by your heart and guided by love, not fear.

In my twenties I was living in Los Angeles after finished my classes at New York Film Academy. I worked as a Nanny and Production Assistant, following my dream to work in Film. On a routine visit to the doctor, she found a mass in my breast.

She looked at me and said, “feel this…” It was huge, the size and texture of a hacky-sak. I was surprisingly calm as she continued to finish the exam and talk to me. She had an energy about her that I called other worldly. She had that look in her eye. She asked me, “Do you trust me?”  And without hesitation I said yes.

She said, “Okay young lady, we are not even going to say the C word…”

Alternative options were not on my mind, however, my doctor guided me through an holistic protocol. We looked at my diet, lifestyle and habits and made some changes that I agreed to.  The agreement would be to check in each month and if the mass shrinks we continue with the protocol. If it doesn’t then we would entertain other options.

Each month it got smaller.

Within a year the mass was gone. 

I don’t know why I trusted her so much, but I did. I felt something else guiding both of us.

Having had numerous people in my life touched by cancer and other illnesses, it was because of that experience I  knew there was another way to help, to heal and to live. To eradicate suffering and invoke our inherant healing abilities.

Living and healing is a creative art, you just need to find your medium. From that moment on I studied everything under the sun on holistic health, nutrition, energy work, psychology, spirituality and more.

The message was clear.

We Are Powerful Creatures.

Given the right conditions, tools and support healing is possible, for anyone.

Below is an exceprt from my book Chakra Wellness: A Holistic Guide For Transformation.

Everything touches and moves through the heart.

There are many that walk around with their heart caged so they do not feel pain again. When our heart is held hostage by past painful events, we continue to suffer, consciously or unconsciously. Healing happens when we can set our selves free from past experiences so that the energy does not continue to infect, and create in the present. Having bottled up pain or grief in your heart can lead to the energy of resentment and anger that is woven through your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fields. The energy we carry is the energy we create and experience. Becoming aware and understanding the holistic subtle energy system is vital for conscious transformation to occur. Our heart chakra is the strongest energy center of them all. When we connect with this center in a conscious way, we amplify our intentions and our inherent spiritual heart centered powers. We don’t move through life, life moves through us. If we hold on, we cannot flow with the natural cycles and receive the gifts that await us. We become the boulder in the stream instead of being the water.

There is an expression that states, “pain happens, suffering is optional.” If you allow yourself to feel things fully, as a compassionate observer, and allow them to move through you without attaching to the energy of the experience, you can create freedom within your heart, your mind and your body. You set yourself free from the experience. You become an open channel for life to move through you with grace and ease, knowing that it’s not always going to be easy, but you can move through all things with the grace of your sacred heart. Each experience we have informs us. We can hold on or let go with gratitude. How we curate and cultivate our energy is up to us. Low vibrational energy states create illness and dis-ease. High vibrational energy states create a well-spring and ease. You get to choose.

I had a client come to me after being diagnosed with breast cancer. After talking and listening to her story, I said to her, “I am going to tell you something that’s pretty bold and may seem strange. You do not have breast cancer.”  

You see I had been around many women in my corporate career that had breast cancer. I managed a lingerie department for an upscale fashion retailer. I would fit women for prothesis bras, listen to their stories in the fitting rooms, hug them, cry with them and just be present. This was right after my healing journey, and I knew I was there with them for a reason. I sometimes shared my story to give them hope, if it was appropriate. My aunt also had breast cancer, and I witnessed her journey and could feel deeply the energy around what she was experiencing. For many of these women there was an emotional trauma that had not been reconciled or an unconscious thought or belief of not being loved or worthy.

While there are many aspects to how illness and dis-ease develop, it’s the subconscious emotional or mental energy that amplify the dis-ease or the conscious emotional and mental energy that support the energy of healing.

Thankfully my client was open to what I was sharing. She had a subconscious belief and thought that she was not worthy. She heard this message weekly at church for most of her life. This was deeply engrained. So we did a practice of reframing the thought, belief and energy. I mentioned that our thoughts and words are prayers that manifest in one form or another, so we need to be mindful of the words we use in thought and speech because words are energy amplified. The other part she heard weekly was, “Just say the word and I shall be healed.” So while I facilitated a reiki session for her, she was to recite to herself, “ I am loved, I am worthy.” This was to be her mantra to help manifest healing in her mind and body.

As her session concluded, she mentioned that she would have a scan in a few days. I suggested that she continue to use her mantra in her meditation with her hands on her heart. I sent her off with a big hug and other supportive instructions. A few days later I checked in with her to see how her scan went.

No sign of cancer. 

To this day, three years later she is cancer free.

She is Loved.

She is Worthy.

She used her words and energy wisely.

She is healed.

Healing is not one size fits all; however, when you harness the healing power of the heart with thought, word and action, anything is possible.

No matter what you are dealing with, I want you to remember that you are worthy and you have the power to heal your life.

Grab your copy of Chakra Wellness Here.



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