A Surprise Visitor

November 1st honors of the Day of the Dead, our beloved ancestors that have passed on. Since I was little I have been extremely connected to the spiritual aspect of life and death. As humans we are so immersed and attached to the material world that many often believe that the spiritual world is OUT THERE, when it’s actually right here. The seen and the unseen are actually one, two side of life if you will. One in a body and one out of our body.

We look to heaven as up and hell as down, when it’s truly just a level of consciousness. Postive energy, thoughts, beliefs, actions and experiences uplift and gives us feelings of a heavenly state of being. Negative energy, thoughts, beliefs, actions and experinces can make us feel like hell. In this material state of being we live in the land of polarity and duality. We have also been given free will of thought and action which is our gift of creation. As we grow and mature we learn to use our tools of creation within our human experience.

My grandmother was a wise woman.

She planted seeds in me a long time ago to help me understand the mystery of life, the seasons, cycles, life, death, the material and the spiritual. When she passed on we had found a book of her poems and some of her favorite poems. One said, “I am not really gone, I am only in the next room…” Those that have passed on are still alive in the eternal plane and still alive in our hearts. Our heart is the bridge to us and everything.

Several years ago I had attened a seasonal yoga workshop around this time of year. These workshops left many of us feeling a sense of opening and freedom. Afterwards a group of us went out to dinner. We had to wait for our table and while waiting, I was standing talking to a group of friends. At one point a took a deep breath. I then felt a cool energy around me and as I inhaled my eyes automatically shut and I could feel another familiar energy around me and within me. It was the strangest experience. My girlfriend also attuned to energy and the spiritual put her hand on my back and my heart and asked me if I was okay.

I could not speak and my heart rate increased.

I was able to shake my head that I was okay. My friend continued to have her hands supporting me as I tuned into this experience. I was not afraid, but very curious. The energy was my grandmother. She apparently really wanted to get my attention. She had some loving and comforting words for me. After the message was received she left as quickly as she arrived on an exhale. My eyes then opened and my body felt chilled. I had to run outside to get some fresh air and shed a few tears. It was like I was in sequel of Ghost, but there was no film crew, Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore to be found.

It was such a gift to be able to connect that way. It has not happened since, but if she wanted to, she could! My grandmother taught me that there is no death, only transformation. Love never dies, it only changes form. This season grief comes up for many people. While we miss our loved ones in human form, know that they are present and they want to communicate with us. It does not have to be as dramatic as my experience, but it can be as simple as a song, scent, memory, felt sense or they just happen to pop into your mind… or body.

Today and everyday, may we remember the spirit within and without that connects all aspects of life, the seen and the unseen. We are all just visitors passing through. May we cherish our embodied experience and honor those that have already crossed over to the other side of life.

Connect in Prayer.

Connect in Meditation.

Connect in your own inspired Ritual.

If you are experiecing grief or any distress during this season, Reiki and Yoga Nidra can support you. Listen to a guided meditation here and schedule a session with me at Chesapeake Holistic in Annapolis.



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