What Are You Carrying?

You have heard the expression, “He/She has a lot of baggage?” We all have energetic baggage whether we realize it or not, most of it can be unconscious, but it’s all stored in the body.

Unresolved emotional pain or trauma will show up in your body, your relationships and your life. It can take many forms. When we look at health the modern diagnostic protocol to review the physical symptom and follow a medical protocol. This may help temporarily, but if we do not look at the layers of the whole human we may miss the mark.

From a holistic lens there is energy forming before symptoms can reveal themselves in mental, emotional and physical symptoms. This energy can be from an emotional hit and we are too young or it’s too traumatic to process and release, or a mental thought or belief that has taken root and held us hostage. From a spiritual/shamanic perspective we may have ancestral energy that needs to be reconciled and released.

One of my favorite teachers in the study of the psyche/soul is Swiss psychiatrist and psycoanaylst, Carl Jung. His work was in my life since I was a little one. My grandparents had his books and my aunt studied C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich Switzerland. His work has been in my life for a long time and has supported my personal journey and healing practice.

In Greek psyche means soul. We are living souls at all different stages of development and consciousness – mind, body and spirit. In her work, Eastern Body, Western Mind, Andodea Judith discusses in depth, the Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self. The gift in these pages offers a wider lens the the whole health and healing of the individual. Her work was the spring board in my creation of Chakra Wellness: A Holistic Guide for Transformation that is a practical guide based on her work and my experience with the application with my clients. The results have been astounding.

When I first started my practice professionally, one of my clients was a young boy in elementary school. I met his mother through a mutual friend and she asked if Reiki would help her son. I said, “Of course!” She had recently been divorced and soon after her son had problems with his hips that had him confined to a wheel chair. She had been to every doctor and specialist under the sun and they could not figure out what was wrong and how to help him. After she told me the story of what was happening, I knew how I could support both of them.

As a young developing human any traumatic shift in life can cause a block or imbalance in our energy field. It can be trapped until we can consciously release it. This goes to Jung’s point, “There is no birth of consciousness, without pain.” The pain or symptom is often the key and gateway to health and healing. Based on where he was experiencing his symptoms I knew he was holding emotional energy he was unable to process in his hips. The hips are related to our root chakra, our foundation and sense of safety and security in the world. When his parents split that rocked his world and he was holding all that energy in his hips. He froze. It was also on his right side, which is represents our masculine energetics. He was not feeling safe around his father. All of this rang true and resonated with his mother.

After a few sessions, they began to see signs of improvement and soon, he did not need a wheel chair anymore. The doctors were amazed and the mother so very grateful. Now, eight years later, he is a thriving young man.

Later, I relocated my practice and met a client that was referred by one of my students. She was 74 at the time with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I sat and listened to her story. The clues are in the story and the symptoms tell me where and how long it’s been held in the body. In allowing her to share her story, she discovered what she had been holding onto for nearly 50 years. She told me she was not the emotional type, but began to cry. I took a deep breath and said to her, “There it is, it’s time to let it all go. Crying is our gift of release and cleansing.” After three sessions, she called me to say that her cancer was now going into remission. I then cried, because I knew how powerful and profound this work was.

When we hold on to things consciously or subconsiously for too long can result in some of the health issues and cancers we have today. Yes there are many causes, but all of the causes have an energy that informs our body to live or to decay. The internal environment is just as important as the external environment. We cannot heal in the same environment or energy that made us sick or dispirited.

Whatever you may be carry may set that baggage down and be free and watch your health and life improve. Listen to some of my musical friends for inspriation HERE. Several years ago I did an emotional release workshop with over 20 souls that was extremely transformative for all.

If you are dealing with an issue that does not seem to be getting better, please call to set up a session with me to see how I can support your health and healing journey. Sometimes it deep within the body and we need to release the energy and emotion that created it.

Call Chesapeake Holistic for more information or book your appointment.

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Healing Happens,


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