Before you dive in, I wanted to share my story on how I became passionate about holistic health and the healing arts.

My healing journey kicked in when I was about 25 years old. I was living in Los Angeles working as a Nanny and Production Assistant, following my dream to work in Film. On a routine visit to the doctor, she found a mass in my breast.

She looked at me and said, “feel this…” It was the size and texture of a hacky-sak. I was surprisingly calm as she continued to finish the exam and talk to me. She had an energy about her that I called other worldly. She had that look in her eye. She asked me, “Do you trust me?”  And without hesitation I said yes.

She said, “Okay young lady, we are not even going to say the C word…”

Alternative options were not on my mind, however, my doctor guided me through an holistic protocol. We looked at my diet, lifestyle and habits and made some changes that I agreed to.  The agreement would be to check in each month and if the mass shrinks we continue with the protocol. If it doesn’t then we would entertain other options.

Each month it got smaller.

Within a year the mass was gone.

I don’t know why I trusted her so much, but I did. I felt something else guiding both of us.

Having had numerous people in my life touched by cancer and other illnesses, it was because of that experience I  knew there was another way to help, to heal and to live.

Living and healing is a creative art, you just need to find your medium. From that moment on I studied everything under the sun on holistic health, nutrition, energy work, psychology, spirituality and more.

The message was clear.

We Are Powerful Creatures.

Given the right conditions, tools and support healing is possible, for anyone.

I am passionate about empowering and supporting people with their desire for vibrant health and happiness.  I weave my passion and specialty in Holistic Health, Integrative Wellness and Energy, Mind-Body Medicine to support your intentions and creations for your life.

I have dedicated my life to holistic health, healing and natural living. I have learned that everything is connected, leave no stone unturned, because you will find the answers and the treasures are all within you.

I am here to support your journey.

What is your story?

I would love to hear from you.

Much Love,


Over the years I have been involved with the Holistic Moms Network. I ran a local chapter and organized educational events. My passion fueled support, advocacy and activism for the Center for Personal Rights, the Gerson Institute, Slow Food USA, GMO free Maryland, Wellness House of Annapolis, MD the Hemp Heals Foundation and more. In 2014 I served as an ambassador for Micheal Franti’s SOULSHINE Yoga.Music.Tour featured in Mantra Wellness Magazine.

“Cassandra’s compassion, enthusiasm and spirit are a shining example of what it means to be a great human being in the 21st century.”
– Dave Tieff, Musician, Coach & Motivational Speaker

Education: American College of Healthcare Sciences, Himalayan Institute, Amrit Yoga Institute, Centre of Applied Jungian Studies, Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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