Creative Power of Intention

A few years ago I was sitting in my little apartment in the trees preparing for my birthday and new year intentions. I drew a symbol that is meaningful to me on a piece of paper and wrote them out and put them on my altar. I also shared them with my sister so she could bear witness to the unfolding of these heartfelt visions and intentions.

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An Introduction.

In 2015 the words Inner Alchemy whispered to me across the sands of time when I was in the middle of the Sahara Desert. They have been haunting me for 5 years. I heard a voice inside me, also echoed by many others, “You must teach the ways…“You have to write a book!” I didn’t know how or where to start, until today. Filled with inspiration and tears in my eyes I begin to share these stories and journey of death and rebirth.

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Show Me The Love.

We are riding waves.
Some people are on a good ride and some are getting pulled in the under tow. We all go through ebbs and flow, ups and downs. This is the polarity and duality of life. We are here to master the flow and how we whether the storms. Each day we are blessed to experience this wild ride of life, the calm and the chaos. Mastering the energy of emotions, patterns and experiences. Staying centered in the EYE is the goal.Returning to Love every time.

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You Are the Chosen One

Listening to a message this morning someone shared it’s hard to understand the violence and war. I thought to myself, It’s really not hard to understand when we step back and see the worldly unit suffering from amnesia.

They have forgotten who they are. There is never an absence of love, just an absence of the awareness that love is in all things. The immature mind does not understand unity, it hangs on the puppet strings of separation and suffering.

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It’s been 20 Years

It was nearly 20 years ago.

I was living in Los Angeles working as a Nanny and Production Assistant, following my dream to work in Film. On a routine visit to the doctor, she found a mass in my breast.

She looked at me and said, “feel this…” It was the size and texture of a hacky-sak. I was surprisingly calm as she continued to finish the exam and talk to me. She had an energy about her that I called other worldly. She had that look in her eye. She asked me, “Do you trust me?”  And without hesitation I said yes.

She said, “Okay young lady, we are not even going to say they C word…”

Alternative options were not on my mind, however, my doctor guided me through an holistic protocol. We looked at my diet, lifestyle and habits and made some changes that I agreed to.  The agreement would be to check in each month and if the mass shrinks we continue with the protocol. If it doesn’t then we would entertain other options.

Each month it got smaller.

Within a year the mass was gone.

I don’t know why I trusted her so much, but I did. I felt something else guiding both of us.

Having had numerous people in my life touched by cancer and other illnesses, it was because of that experience I  knew there was another way to help, to heal and to live.

Living and healing is a creative art, you just need to find your medium. From that moment on I studied everything under the sun on holistic health, nutrition, energy work, psychology, spirituality and more.

The message was clear.

We Are Powerful Creatures.

Given the right conditions, tools and support healing is possible, for anyone.

I am passionate about empowering and supporting people with their desire for vibrant health and happiness.  I weave my passion and specialty in Holistic Health, Integrative Wellness and Energy, Mind-Body Medicine to support your intentions and creations for your life.

I have learned that everything is connected, leave no stone unturned, because you will find the answers and the treasures are all within you.

While I have had several stops and starts at various holistic health schools due to life circumstances, and several health and healing certifications, today I graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition!

I have been a student and practitioner of holistic health and healing since that day sitting in the doctors office in Los Angeles. I have dedicated my life to holistic health, healing and natural living. What a journey it has been.

The IIN program affirmed and solidified all my work I have done over the past 20 years. The sense of accomplishment and validation is tremendous. With fire in my belly, I am dusting off  and resurrecting the very first program I created nearly 7 years ago and will soon be available to you!

I would love for you to celebrate with me and set your intention to day to live your best life — healthy, whole and free!

If you are ready to begin your health journey or wish for additional support, I am here!

Contact me to set up a time to talk!




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Manipulation of the Mind

The manipulation of the mind is the manipulation of man.
There is something that’s on my heart that I need to express. We have been manipulated for far too long. The manipulation for power, greed, control, dominance, and division. This is a program that has overrided our psyche/soul. When we are bombarded with the same information over and over it creates patterns and stories in our brain that seeps into our body and becomes our life.
This is why patterns, relationships, health issues and history repeats itself— because we are on autopilot from the same synapses in the brain. We’ve been brainwashed and manipulated. It’s time to rewire to create new outcomes for our lives. We are in a time of transformation. A time to take back the power of our hearts and minds.
Not cluttered with the choas of the current governmental media spin. This is a toxic program meant to keep the masses manipulated and controlled and to elicit reactions and outcomes.
This is not the work of the divine this the the work of the evils of men.
While we believe in justice— know that divine law will provide.
It reminds me of powerful ritual we did in Egypt. We need to release our emotions/energy that does not cause harm to self, others or property.

The divine wants us to be united.

Man wants us separated.

We must unify all within.

We cannot claim our humanity without our divinity. HU + MAN.

It’s time to govern the domain of your mind, body and soul.
We are the change.

We use our power to shift the thoughts, images, beliefs and storyline.

We all come from the same Creative Loving Source. Our brains have been held hostage and it’s being playing out for generations in this thing called life.
Wayne Dyer would say, “change your thoughts, change your life.”

And it’s so true.

I have seen this on a small scale with individuals.

What if we all turned off the TV, edited our social media feed and begin to heal and create a unified free consciousness.

The ancients shared with us the power of mantra, and later affirmations.

Albert Einstein shared with us the power of imagination and love.

Jesus taught us the power of love and forgiveness.

The yogis shared the ancient Yoga Sutras.

My grandfather would say Mind over Matter.

Otherwise we become the Mad Hatter.

So I encourage you to review your thoughts, patterns, habits and default program and see where that is coming from.

Are you being manipulated?

The opposite of manipulation is creation.

What can we create that is outside our default.

What new thoughts, patterns and habits can we create to override the wheel of manipulation and cycle of division. How can we unite our creatively, our spirituality, our heart and mind to create something new?

A few resources to consider is the book the Secret of the Yoga Sutras, by one of my long time teachers.

The second is a great series on Gaia TV (you can get through Amazon prime) called Rewired.  It’s based on the work by Dr. Dispenza. Excellent. Highly recommend.

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Answer life’s deeper questions and go beyond the mainstream narrative with Gaia— a member-supported media network of truth seekers and believers empowering an evolution of consciousness. Explore over 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles that challenge modern paradigms and allow you to manifest the reality that defines your being.  Explore with a FREE TRIAL. 

Shift Happens.

Healing Happens.

It all starts with Us.


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A Prayer. Love One Another

We have lost our way.
Dear Mother/Father God Forgive Us.
We have turned the garden into hell and that was our choice where we must dwell.
Free will was a gift, to create a world and a life that we wish to live.
Where all were meant to dwell free.
But now hate is all I see.
We have been given a test and failed.
Our brothers and sisters killed and incarcerated, and our souls jailed by a system created by man.
Man has committed a crime—
A serial rapest— none of its kind. It’s raped spirts and soil, air, sea and sky— Dear God— I cannot witness another soul die.
We have destroyed the garden that was meant for us, a heaven on earth, but for so long we have ignored its worth.
We have been at war with a mind of manipulation and greed and devil as sowed it’s seed.
But alas, the Sun is here to light up the day to reconcile where we have gone astray. We are the children, that have lost their way intoxicated by the devil’s play.
We have been manipulated, blinded and cuffed, and slaves to the systems we have created. We lost heart, our mind was greedy all transactions landed in sin city.
Dear Mother/Father God— call us back, out from hell, because you meant for life to be a life lived well— a heart and mind that is free and full of love, unity and humanity.
… thy kingdom come… thy will be done.. on earth as it is in heaven.”
Only a higher love can lift us and awaken us from the transgressions of man.
We were meant to walk in your likeness and image. We were meant to bring, hope, peace, joy and love. To merge the heavens and earth.
We do not have the right to be called
Hu-mans— until we see and embody your light. We are only man ruined by selfish desires.
We are here to love and serve. Be in service to Good, because God is Good, God is Love and that is what we are made of.
Love One Another.
This was the message that somehow got lost in space.
Love One Another.
This is Now a Command
To restore this planet, humanity and land.
It’s time the mind bow down and be filled with heart. Until then we are divided and stripped apart.
We unite Heaven on Earth with each body.
This is the way for us to see a brighter day.