What Are You Carrying?

You have heard the expression, “He/She has a lot of baggage?” We all have energetic baggage whether we realize it or not, most of it can be unconscious, but it’s all stored in the body.

Unresolved emotional pain or trauma will show up in your body, your relationships and your life. It can take many forms. When we look at health the modern diagnostic protocol to review the physical symptom and follow a medical protocol. This may help temporarily, but if we do not look at the layers of the whole human we may miss the mark.

From a holistic lens there is energy forming before symptoms can reveal themselves in mental, emotional and physical symptoms. This energy can be from an emotional hit and we are too young or it’s too traumatic to process and release, or a mental thought or belief that has taken root and held us hostage. From a spiritual/shamanic perspective we may have ancestral energy that needs to be reconciled and released.

One of my favorite teachers in the study of the psyche/soul is Swiss psychiatrist and psycoanaylst, Carl Jung. His work was in my life since I was a little one. My grandparents had his books and my aunt studied C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich Switzerland. His work has been in my life for a long time and has supported my personal journey and healing practice.

In Greek psyche means soul. We are living souls at all different stages of development and consciousness – mind, body and spirit. In her work, Eastern Body, Western Mind, Andodea Judith discusses in depth, the Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self. The gift in these pages offers a wider lens the the whole health and healing of the individual. Her work was the spring board in my creation of Chakra Wellness: A Holistic Guide for Transformation that is a practical guide based on her work and my experience with the application with my clients. The results have been astounding.

When I first started my practice professionally, one of my clients was a young boy in elementary school. I met his mother through a mutual friend and she asked if Reiki would help her son. I said, “Of course!” She had recently been divorced and soon after her son had problems with his hips that had him confined to a wheel chair. She had been to every doctor and specialist under the sun and they could not figure out what was wrong and how to help him. After she told me the story of what was happening, I knew how I could support both of them.

As a young developing human any traumatic shift in life can cause a block or imbalance in our energy field. It can be trapped until we can consciously release it. This goes to Jung’s point, “There is no birth of consciousness, without pain.” The pain or symptom is often the key and gateway to health and healing. Based on where he was experiencing his symptoms I knew he was holding emotional energy he was unable to process in his hips. The hips are related to our root chakra, our foundation and sense of safety and security in the world. When his parents split that rocked his world and he was holding all that energy in his hips. He froze. It was also on his right side, which is represents our masculine energetics. He was not feeling safe around his father. All of this rang true and resonated with his mother.

After a few sessions, they began to see signs of improvement and soon, he did not need a wheel chair anymore. The doctors were amazed and the mother so very grateful. Now, eight years later, he is a thriving young man.

Later, I relocated my practice and met a client that was referred by one of my students. She was 74 at the time with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I sat and listened to her story. The clues are in the story and the symptoms tell me where and how long it’s been held in the body. In allowing her to share her story, she discovered what she had been holding onto for nearly 50 years. She told me she was not the emotional type, but began to cry. I took a deep breath and said to her, “There it is, it’s time to let it all go. Crying is our gift of release and cleansing.” After three sessions, she called me to say that her cancer was now going into remission. I then cried, because I knew how powerful and profound this work was.

When we hold on to things consciously or subconsiously for too long can result in some of the health issues and cancers we have today. Yes there are many causes, but all of the causes have an energy that informs our body to live or to decay. The internal environment is just as important as the external environment. We cannot heal in the same environment or energy that made us sick or dispirited.

Whatever you may be carry may set that baggage down and be free and watch your health and life improve. Listen to some of my musical friends for inspriation HERE. Several years ago I did an emotional release workshop with over 20 souls that was extremely transformative for all.

If you are dealing with an issue that does not seem to be getting better, please call to set up a session with me to see how I can support your health and healing journey. Sometimes it deep within the body and we need to release the energy and emotion that created it.

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Healing Happens,


A Surprise Visitor

November 1st honors of the Day of the Dead, our beloved ancestors that have passed on. Since I was little I have been extremely connected to the spiritual aspect of life and death. As humans we are so immersed and attached to the material world that many often believe that the spiritual world is OUT THERE, when it’s actually right here. The seen and the unseen are actually one, two side of life if you will. One in a body and one out of our body.

We look to heaven as up and hell as down, when it’s truly just a level of consciousness. Postive energy, thoughts, beliefs, actions and experiences uplift and gives us feelings of a heavenly state of being. Negative energy, thoughts, beliefs, actions and experinces can make us feel like hell. In this material state of being we live in the land of polarity and duality. We have also been given free will of thought and action which is our gift of creation. As we grow and mature we learn to use our tools of creation within our human experience.

My grandmother was a wise woman.

She planted seeds in me a long time ago to help me understand the mystery of life, the seasons, cycles, life, death, the material and the spiritual. When she passed on we had found a book of her poems and some of her favorite poems. One said, “I am not really gone, I am only in the next room…” Those that have passed on are still alive in the eternal plane and still alive in our hearts. Our heart is the bridge to us and everything.

Several years ago I had attened a seasonal yoga workshop around this time of year. These workshops left many of us feeling a sense of opening and freedom. Afterwards a group of us went out to dinner. We had to wait for our table and while waiting, I was standing talking to a group of friends. At one point a took a deep breath. I then felt a cool energy around me and as I inhaled my eyes automatically shut and I could feel another familiar energy around me and within me. It was the strangest experience. My girlfriend also attuned to energy and the spiritual put her hand on my back and my heart and asked me if I was okay.

I could not speak and my heart rate increased.

I was able to shake my head that I was okay. My friend continued to have her hands supporting me as I tuned into this experience. I was not afraid, but very curious. The energy was my grandmother. She apparently really wanted to get my attention. She had some loving and comforting words for me. After the message was received she left as quickly as she arrived on an exhale. My eyes then opened and my body felt chilled. I had to run outside to get some fresh air and shed a few tears. It was like I was in sequel of Ghost, but there was no film crew, Patrick Swayze or Demi Moore to be found.

It was such a gift to be able to connect that way. It has not happened since, but if she wanted to, she could! My grandmother taught me that there is no death, only transformation. Love never dies, it only changes form. This season grief comes up for many people. While we miss our loved ones in human form, know that they are present and they want to communicate with us. It does not have to be as dramatic as my experience, but it can be as simple as a song, scent, memory, felt sense or they just happen to pop into your mind… or body.

Today and everyday, may we remember the spirit within and without that connects all aspects of life, the seen and the unseen. We are all just visitors passing through. May we cherish our embodied experience and honor those that have already crossed over to the other side of life.

Connect in Prayer.

Connect in Meditation.

Connect in your own inspired Ritual.

If you are experiecing grief or any distress during this season, Reiki and Yoga Nidra can support you. Listen to a guided meditation here and schedule a session with me at Chesapeake Holistic in Annapolis.



Breast Cancer & Healing Awareness

October tends to bring awareness to many health concerns and issues we face as a human family. The good news I am here to share is that healing is possible for anyone. There are many paths to health and healing. What I have learned and witnessed over and over again is that you must be guided by your heart and guided by love, not fear.

In my twenties I was living in Los Angeles after finished my classes at New York Film Academy. I worked as a Nanny and Production Assistant, following my dream to work in Film. On a routine visit to the doctor, she found a mass in my breast.

She looked at me and said, “feel this…” It was huge, the size and texture of a hacky-sak. I was surprisingly calm as she continued to finish the exam and talk to me. She had an energy about her that I called other worldly. She had that look in her eye. She asked me, “Do you trust me?”  And without hesitation I said yes.

She said, “Okay young lady, we are not even going to say the C word…”

Alternative options were not on my mind, however, my doctor guided me through an holistic protocol. We looked at my diet, lifestyle and habits and made some changes that I agreed to.  The agreement would be to check in each month and if the mass shrinks we continue with the protocol. If it doesn’t then we would entertain other options.

Each month it got smaller.

Within a year the mass was gone. 

I don’t know why I trusted her so much, but I did. I felt something else guiding both of us.

Having had numerous people in my life touched by cancer and other illnesses, it was because of that experience I  knew there was another way to help, to heal and to live. To eradicate suffering and invoke our inherant healing abilities.

Living and healing is a creative art, you just need to find your medium. From that moment on I studied everything under the sun on holistic health, nutrition, energy work, psychology, spirituality and more.

The message was clear.

We Are Powerful Creatures.

Given the right conditions, tools and support healing is possible, for anyone.

Below is an exceprt from my book Chakra Wellness: A Holistic Guide For Transformation.

Everything touches and moves through the heart.

There are many that walk around with their heart caged so they do not feel pain again. When our heart is held hostage by past painful events, we continue to suffer, consciously or unconsciously. Healing happens when we can set our selves free from past experiences so that the energy does not continue to infect, and create in the present. Having bottled up pain or grief in your heart can lead to the energy of resentment and anger that is woven through your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fields. The energy we carry is the energy we create and experience. Becoming aware and understanding the holistic subtle energy system is vital for conscious transformation to occur. Our heart chakra is the strongest energy center of them all. When we connect with this center in a conscious way, we amplify our intentions and our inherent spiritual heart centered powers. We don’t move through life, life moves through us. If we hold on, we cannot flow with the natural cycles and receive the gifts that await us. We become the boulder in the stream instead of being the water.

There is an expression that states, “pain happens, suffering is optional.” If you allow yourself to feel things fully, as a compassionate observer, and allow them to move through you without attaching to the energy of the experience, you can create freedom within your heart, your mind and your body. You set yourself free from the experience. You become an open channel for life to move through you with grace and ease, knowing that it’s not always going to be easy, but you can move through all things with the grace of your sacred heart. Each experience we have informs us. We can hold on or let go with gratitude. How we curate and cultivate our energy is up to us. Low vibrational energy states create illness and dis-ease. High vibrational energy states create a well-spring and ease. You get to choose.

I had a client come to me after being diagnosed with breast cancer. After talking and listening to her story, I said to her, “I am going to tell you something that’s pretty bold and may seem strange. You do not have breast cancer.”  

You see I had been around many women in my corporate career that had breast cancer. I managed a lingerie department for an upscale fashion retailer. I would fit women for prothesis bras, listen to their stories in the fitting rooms, hug them, cry with them and just be present. This was right after my healing journey, and I knew I was there with them for a reason. I sometimes shared my story to give them hope, if it was appropriate. My aunt also had breast cancer, and I witnessed her journey and could feel deeply the energy around what she was experiencing. For many of these women there was an emotional trauma that had not been reconciled or an unconscious thought or belief of not being loved or worthy.

While there are many aspects to how illness and dis-ease develop, it’s the subconscious emotional or mental energy that amplify the dis-ease or the conscious emotional and mental energy that support the energy of healing.

Thankfully my client was open to what I was sharing. She had a subconscious belief and thought that she was not worthy. She heard this message weekly at church for most of her life. This was deeply engrained. So we did a practice of reframing the thought, belief and energy. I mentioned that our thoughts and words are prayers that manifest in one form or another, so we need to be mindful of the words we use in thought and speech because words are energy amplified. The other part she heard weekly was, “Just say the word and I shall be healed.” So while I facilitated a reiki session for her, she was to recite to herself, “ I am loved, I am worthy.” This was to be her mantra to help manifest healing in her mind and body.

As her session concluded, she mentioned that she would have a scan in a few days. I suggested that she continue to use her mantra in her meditation with her hands on her heart. I sent her off with a big hug and other supportive instructions. A few days later I checked in with her to see how her scan went.

No sign of cancer. 

To this day, three years later she is cancer free.

She is Loved.

She is Worthy.

She used her words and energy wisely.

She is healed.

Healing is not one size fits all; however, when you harness the healing power of the heart with thought, word and action, anything is possible.

No matter what you are dealing with, I want you to remember that you are worthy and you have the power to heal your life.

Grab your copy of Chakra Wellness Here.



Love Your Body!

Last year I enrolled in a course that began with a presentation from Deepak Chopra sharing about how we were all created. When the video was finished he said, “Congratulations for coming this far.” We have come a long way. We have evolved and expanded exponentially from the big bang that was created in our mother’s womb. We have learned what it’s like to be human  in all it’s imperfect perfection.

We have a society obsessed with bodies and what we should and should not look like. It becomes hard to accept our diversity and uniqueness. Our bodies house all the mechanics, function, spirit and magic that allow us to live. I have come to understand humans as living spirits, a sol/soul in a body. Pure Consciousness that is interconnected in our web of life, inside and out.

We have a human family that is infected with disharmony and disease, yet the good news is we have the power and have been built to heal. We are self healing creatures on infinite levels. We all have stories of hurt and healing, however I was reflecting on mine and was infused with a deeper appreciation for the body of my experience.

I was told of a story when I was just learning how to walk. I had a terrible reaction to a medical intervention and was infected with a blood-bone illness. I stopped walking and was hospitalized. The doctors were fearing the worst and they did not know when and if I would recover. My mom tells the story of a world wide prayer vigil that was held for me.  In record time my little body began to heal and transmute the infection.

We are radical shapeshifters. Inside and out.

Growing up we get cuts and bruises. We heal.

We get colds and flus. We heal.

Some experience accidents, surgeries and severe dis-eases. We heal.

We experience heart break. We heal.

Our bodies are incredible.

Deepak shares in his book Perfect Health, “To change the print out of the body, you must learn to rewire the software of the mind.” This has been my experience personally and with friends, family and clients. There are many doctors and practitioners now focused on holistic health and healing utilizing mind-body medicine along with healthy lifestyle habits.

I have had my share of accidents. I had a severe laceration in my lower abdomen when I was 12. I tore my ACL when I was 14. I was raped at 16. I have had a handful of surgeries.  I healed my asthma. I healed a mass in my breast. I cured my own HPV and more. Our bodies are amazing. All of these experiences show me how powerful our bodies are – however, we are not our bodies with our our Spirit. When the Spirit leave the body we are nothing more than quantum energy of unembodied consciousness.

Our relationship to our body is our relationship to life, our divinity, our spirituality, our health and healing. We have been so focused on the material aspect of our body and life that we have forgotten what breathes us and gives us life. To truly feel whole and complete and understand your healing power, you need to tap into the divinity of your body and mind. A conscious state of being knows that you have a choice and making that choice is an act of free will and power.

This choice can change your life.

We have to create a container and environment for health and healing to occur. One of the greats, Albert Einstein said,  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  Same goes for our health, our life, our relationships, our world and our relationship to our bodies.

Let’s connect with our bodies. I recently reflected on how far I have come from the safe womb of my mother. I grew from a baby to a woman, scars and all. I gave birth, nursed my children, walked and traveled all over the world and expressed loved with my body.

Self care, love and appreciation for all that you are is a tremendous healing act, no matter your shape, size or color. If you have a few extra pounds like me, that’s okay, we have the power to shift that with our mind, body and spirit. I have carried a lot of stress and trauma in my body. We all do, it’s how we release, cleanse and restore where are true essence of health, life and vibrant well being will shine through.

So go ahead and Love Your Body!

It’s the only place we have to live to experience this gift of life.

Join the Holistic DIVA Wellness Circle for health, healing and personal growth.





Ayurveda: Morning Self Care

In case you did not hear it’s the summer of Ayurveda.

If you are not familiar, it’s an ancient living tradition that roots back over 5000 years in India. Ayurveda means the Science of Life and there is no wonder I have gravitated back to this tradition because it’s a holistic model of health, healing and living.

Bottom line, I am digging it.

If you are looking for a reset, this may be it.

If you are looking for change up your routine, your health and your life, this may be it.

What I love about Ayurveda is that it focuses on the individual and their personal constitution to cultivate health and healing. Health is wealth and while we live in a day in age of chronic illness, cancer and numerous dis-eases, Ayurveda returns with ancient wisdom and knowledge that we can incorporate in our daily lives, take back our power and return to balance in harmony with ourselves and nature.

So, Good Morning!

Are you just waking up? 

Here are some suggestions for a morning routine or ritual. This is adapted from the book The Book of Ayurveda by Judith H. Morrison.

  1. As you wake up lie in bed for a few minutes  and become aware how your body is feeling, what you are thinking and your attitude. If you wake up with a crappy attitude, you will have a crappy day.  Give gratitude for your body, your breathe and the ability to change your mind, attitude and possibly perceptions. Keep your heart open and focus on all the positive possibilities while giving thanks for all that you do have, even if it’s just giving thanks for breathing.
  2. Rub your palms together an then hold or gently rub your face. Ahhh you have a beautiful face!  Feel the energy and vitality that runs through you.
  3. Greet yourself in the Mirror, ” Good Morning Sunshine!” A reminder that you love and respect yourself.
  4. Go to the Potty. Elimination is important in more ways than one.
  5. Scrape your tongue. Yep. Scrape it with a teaspoon or tongue scraper. It’s a thing. This stimulates your digestive/immune system. If you have excess ama (not the hugging saint), ama which is gunk in your body this will help clear some of it.
  6. Clean your teeth and learn about oil pulling.
  7. Clean your nasal passages. You can do some deep breathing along with becoming one with your net pot and then a few drops of sesame oil to lub up the nasal passages. Another homework assignment fo you to look into.
  8. Yoga and Meditation time! Get it on.
  9. Oil your skin. I think of all of this like a vehicle tune up. Most people take better care of their cars than their body and our body is our vehicle for life, so take care of all the functions with tender loving care.
  10. Take a warm shower or bath.
  11. Dress in fresh clean and comfy clothes. Research colors that help your Dosha, your personal constitution.
  12. Eat a clean, quality breakfast according to your constitution.

You can take a Dosha Quiz to see where you are.

If you want to dive deeper into Ayurveda with me I recommend checking out what Gaia has to offer — take advantage of the free trial to check it out!

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Show Me The Love.

We are riding waves.
Some people are on a good ride and some are getting pulled in the under tow. We all go through ebbs and flow, ups and downs. This is the polarity and duality of life. We are here to master the flow and how we whether the storms. Each day we are blessed to experience this wild ride of life, the calm and the chaos. Mastering the energy of emotions, patterns and experiences. Staying centered in the EYE is the goal.Returning to Love every time.
May we remember that if we have made it this far we are remarkable beings and we are blessed. We have been through hell and experienced heaven all at the same time. We are tested. These tests make us stronger if we allow it. We return to similar experiences to see if we have learned our lesson, if we remember we have a choice to make the same choice or a different one.
Let us choose to love ourselves and love one another, over and over and over again.
When we have a world that likes to focus it’s lens on hate, war, fear, division and separation; show me the love, show me the unity, show me the good and let’s amplify that until we drown out the hate. This is one way we support the transformation of our world.




Manipulation of the Mind

The manipulation of the mind is the manipulation of man.
There is something that’s on my heart that I need to express. We have been manipulated for far too long. The manipulation for power, greed, control, dominance, and division. This is a program that has overrided our psyche/soul. When we are bombarded with the same information over and over it creates patterns and stories in our brain that seeps into our body and becomes our life.
This is why patterns, relationships, health issues and history repeats itself— because we are on autopilot from the same synapses in the brain. We’ve been brainwashed and manipulated. It’s time to rewire to create new outcomes for our lives. We are in a time of transformation. A time to take back the power of our hearts and minds.
Not cluttered with the choas of the current governmental media spin. This is a toxic program meant to keep the masses manipulated and controlled and to elicit reactions and outcomes.
This is not the work of the divine this the the work of the evils of men.
While we believe in justice— know that divine law will provide.
It reminds me of powerful ritual we did in Egypt. We need to release our emotions/energy that does not cause harm to self, others or property.

The divine wants us to be united.

Man wants us separated.

We must unify all within.

We cannot claim our humanity without our divinity. HU + MAN.

It’s time to govern the domain of your mind, body and soul.
We are the change.

We use our power to shift the thoughts, images, beliefs and storyline.

We all come from the same Creative Loving Source. Our brains have been held hostage and it’s being playing out for generations in this thing called life.
Wayne Dyer would say, “change your thoughts, change your life.”

And it’s so true.

I have seen this on a small scale with individuals.

What if we all turned off the TV, edited our social media feed and begin to heal and create a unified free consciousness.

The ancients shared with us the power of mantra, and later affirmations.

Albert Einstein shared with us the power of imagination and love.

Jesus taught us the power of love and forgiveness.

The yogis shared the ancient Yoga Sutras.

My grandfather would say Mind over Matter.

Otherwise we become the Mad Hatter.

So I encourage you to review your thoughts, patterns, habits and default program and see where that is coming from.

Are you being manipulated?

The opposite of manipulation is creation.

What can we create that is outside our default.

What new thoughts, patterns and habits can we create to override the wheel of manipulation and cycle of division. How can we unite our creatively, our spirituality, our heart and mind to create something new?

A few resources to consider is the book the Secret of the Yoga Sutras, by one of my long time teachers.

The second is a great series on Gaia TV (you can get through Amazon prime) called Rewired.  It’s based on the work by Dr. Dispenza. Excellent. Highly recommend.

Watch REWIRED on Gaia!

Answer life’s deeper questions and go beyond the mainstream narrative with Gaia— a member-supported media network of truth seekers and believers empowering an evolution of consciousness. Explore over 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles that challenge modern paradigms and allow you to manifest the reality that defines your being.  Explore with a FREE TRIAL. 

Shift Happens.

Healing Happens.

It all starts with Us.


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