Let Love Rule

  There is no denying we are living in amazing times. Who knew we would be dealing with a pandemic in our lifetime. What is interesting is that I feel safe. I have my moments of anxiety, but I feel the words in this image more strongly. There is more that what meets the eye. WeContinue reading “Let Love Rule”

Ancient Medicine: Essential Oils

History of Essential Oils Essential oils are the oldest form of medicine known to man. Essential oils are subtle, aromatic liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark &/or roots of trees, herbs, bushes & shrubbery through distillation. In the craft of alchemy, the soul of a plant is its oil, while its spirit is the plant’sContinue reading “Ancient Medicine: Essential Oils”

Physical and Spiritual Nutrients

We are living in interesting times. I wanted to offer some physical and spiritual nutrients to support you in keep you healthy and strong. Best way to get your vitamins and minerals to support your immune system and whole body is through fresh fruits and vegetables. Organic if possible because we want to stop pollutingContinue reading “Physical and Spiritual Nutrients”