Holistic DIVA Healing Circles

Inner Alchemy Course – Coming Soon!

Release + Renewal Workshop – Spring

Light Your Fire – Summer

Embracing the Shadow – Fall

Ritual of Resolution – Winter

Nurture Your Nature Retreats

Shamanic Reiki 

Sacred Journeys: Inner + Outer travel to Sacred Places around the world.


“I am deeply blessed to have worked with Cassandra for the last few years. She has such a unique gift, and way of bringing vast ancient wisdom and teachings of Reiki and Shamanic arts, into this present reality, to be utilized for further healing of the individual, as well as rippling out to all.

Cassandra has been a catalyst in my transformation. Through her divine guidance, teaching and gentle nudges..she has helped me to remember who I am.. Who I have suppressed over the years. I came to Cassandra, feeling betrayed, heartbroken and unsure of the next steps in my life. Through her consistent presence, and guidance of utilizing Shamanic Practice and Reiki, as healing tools, I am empowered and moving in my purpose.

I feel a such a reverence to all that came before us.. A re-connection to an ancient knowing and way of living that we all hold in our hearts. Leading us all back home, to love, be loved and be whole. I have found clarity, purpose, peace of mind.. And the most freeing of all.. A true inner-standing of how to RECLAIM and call back my power. The committment to myself, and the wellbeing of the collective, has given me a deeper awareness in all realms of life. I understand how to use our shadows, as a point of transmutation, releasing ourselves from past and present karmic bonds, freeing ourselves and preparing the grounds for a sovereign future.

Alchemical transmutation –is what this beautiful Tantrika offers you.”

~ Heather Rasche, mother, yogi and ayurvedic vegan chef

“I can say the Shamanic Reiki course was life changing, and I now change flows more freely and quickly. Blocks are lifting, and I will always be grateful for Cassandra’s teaching and guidance on my path.” – Jamie R.