Health Coaching

Holistic Health connects us to our relationship with all aspects of our life.

Did you know your relationships affect your health?

Not just your personal or intimate relationships but relationships with everything in your life. Food, work, finances, career, spirituality, sleep, fitness, emotions, your past…everything. I cover all of this in my health coaching.

Ultimately it comes down to the relationship you have with yourself— everything you hold inside your heart and mind. If you are struggling or having a challenge in one area of life, know it’s connected to all the others. I help you connect the dots and reconcile those relationships for creating a healthy, happy, vibrant life.

Individual Sessions Reg: $100

Now: Pay What You Can 60 Minute Virtual Sessions

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Do you or a group of friends want to live healthier and feel better?
Holistic DIVA Coaching-Healing circles is a collective heart centered program that integrates all aspects of health on and off the plate. The process of this work supports the improvement of your health, healing and life.

12 week program

A group of 4-6 people
Individual Health Consultation
90 Minute Interactive calls every other week via Zoom
Peer check in’s alternating weeks
Online Community Support via Facebook
Additional 1:1 coaching available for additional fee
Personal Transformation
Investment $600

*Payment plans available

*Discount for Circle Organizers

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We have a health epidemic.

I am here to help bring us all back to harmony and balance one heart at a time. Holistic DIVA Healing Circles are a healing space that weaves wellness into all areas of our lives. With the support of compassionate community, listening ears, feedback and encouragement, we can all bring our health and our lives back into balance.

We have lived busy lives filled with distractions that take us away from ourselves.

These circles bring us back to who we are, what we want and empower and encourage us to make the changes we need to make. This is our true internal medicine – mind, body and spirit.

We are powerful creators. We shall bring all aspects of our health and wellness full circle.

Join a circle.

Become an Organizer.

Let’s change the world.

Once Circle at a time.

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Energy Medicine-Reiki

A Japanese Healing Art integrating a fusion of intention and healing touch to support relaxation, inner harmony,  self healing.

During the session, a gentle healing touch will be used and the hands will be held in certain positions on prescribed areas of the body, or just above the body. You may feel warmth or tingling or just feel very relaxed while receiving energy work.

Clients have reported positive changes, deep relaxation, a release in negative energies and blocks, release in stress, depression and anxiety, a lightness of being, reconnection of self, healing relationships in all forms and living a more peaceful and vibrant existence.

What are Some Benefits of Reiki/Energy Medicine?
Reduce Stress
Helps with life changes
Enhance immune system
Assist with healing injuries/surgery
Boost and balance energy levels
Enhance overall well-being, and more

“What a profound impact you have had on my life. Your heart has polished my heart. When I was lost you helped to find me and breathe new life into me again. The work you do is that of the Angels.” – Amanda, Maryland