Herbs & Oils

This spring (2020) we began planting in our new space. Holistic DIVA Herbs is born! It’s a tiny micro forest farm. We are planting culinary and medicinal herbs and greens. We are also learning about the forest farming and plan to support the eco-system here as we back up to acres of protected land.

We will be sharing what we are planting, why and how to use it for your healthy lifestyle in co-operation with nature. We are all part of nature and she is here to support us too!

Look for our ebook coming soon. Holistic DIVA Herbs!

Herbs to Oils

Essential oils are the oldest form of medicine known to man. In my holistic health studies I have uncovered many pages. One of my favorite things to learn about was essential oils, the history and the uses. A few years ago I signed on to be a wellness advocate for doTerra Essential oils. I offer consultations on the benefits and how to use them for your healthy lifestyle.

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